Awakening YOU

Embodying Peace, Love and Freedom on Earth




Isira’s highly anticipated new book is here!

Available now in paperback and ebook formats.




From the back cover:

In a time of global chaos and uncertainty, there is no better time than now for awakening YOU! This profoundly transformative book provides the inspiration many have been seeking for a return to peace, love and freedom on earth.

To love and be loved, to belong, to be at peace and to make a difference in the world – these desires are at the heart of what it means to be human. But for many in today’s world, they seem so elusive. To awaken is to realise you are love and peace, you are one with all, and you can make a profound difference simply by bringing your awakened qualities into the world. Drawing from her own direct experience, Isira presents powerful insights and tried and true methods that every enlightened person understands to help make this possibility a greater reality. Through a simple and interactive process you will awaken to your own innate power and discover how to create a life, and a world, of peace, love and freedom. The teachings in this book point to a profound truth that is incredibly pertinent to our times: When YOU awaken, the whole world transforms with you.

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