Isira is a powerful advocate for conscious change and has been a public speaker (featured in forums, radio, television and film), writer, teacher and facilitator for human conscious development over the last 30 years.


Her life has been an extraordinary journey, both in the mainstream and the spiritual world.


In her early years Isira encountered serious abuse, including being a victim of rape and attempted murder. Yet despite these traumatic events Isira was able to meet each situation in powerful and unexpected ways, through a degree of consciousness that is rarely realised and very little understood in this world.

Isira is an example of a fully conscious and liberated being, dedicated to the conscious awakening of our society. Isira shares her wisdom with many, to negotiate conflicts, to transform, and to live happy, successful and more enlightened lives.


Isira believes we must change our approach at all levels, from children to adults, in order to address our greatest social issues.


Isira deeply recognises that re-connecting individuals back to their own higher intelligence leads to more consciously aware people. Not only is this essential for greater personal peace and well-being, it is fundamental to effectively address the escalation of global challenges and conflicts, for a return to peace and love on earth.