Isira's Wednesday Wisdom

Are We Meant to Just Take All of Life's Lessons on the Chin?

This video is taken from Isira’s live-streamed online Satsangs ‘Deepen Your Awakening’. An opportunity to engage directly with Isira and address some of your deepest questions, broaden your conscious enquiry, engage in truth, and enrich your awakening experience.

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Beyond Fear and Suffering

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The Power To Respond

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Isira’s commitment to a better you and a better world

A spiritual master from the Aboriginal land of Kaurna in Southern Australia, Isira is an expert in human conscious development. As an awakened woman of Indigenous heritage she is a recognised Wisdom Keeper and Ngankari (a woman of spiritual power). Embodying unconditional love, compassion and pure awareness, Isira is a catalyst for our own transformation and journey of awakening.

Her vision is to support as many people as possible to reconnect, transform and awaken, and experience living in harmony with all life.

To realise this, Isira understands that people need access to practical tools that teach them how to reconnect in today’s world, as well as the opportunity to get answers to their questions about their experience. Read more