The Grief of Our Times with Isira and Jimena – Medicine Festival

A talk between Isira and Jimena about “The Grief of Our Times”.

With much of the world going in and out of lockdown, emotions are frayed. Mental health is stretched. What is beneath the sudden bursts of tears, the lost sleep, or that underlying sense of foreboding? Isira gives voice to the unspoken grief that permeates our times. This grief for ourselves, each other and our planet is our medicine – at first we may seek to reject it, but as its wisdom filters into our consciousness, we are able to consciously move through grief, to learn from it, grow from it, and eventually thrive through it.

With indigenous and spiritual wisdom, Isira:

  • Explores the roots of grief
  • Stresses the importance of naming this grief
  • Explains how the Four Pillars of Lore shine an indigenous light on our understanding of grief
  • Guides us how to consciously move through the stages of grief


In this interview we will begin to understand that the great Grief of our Times is to leave behind the old versions of ourselves in order to become the potent beings that we were born to be. ​

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