The Awakening Place

Receive Unlimited Access to
Isira’s Core Teachings

The Awakening Place

Receive Unlimited Access to
Isira’s Core Teachings

The Awakening Place

Receive Unlimited Access to
Isira’s Core Teachings

Discover a Wealth of Isira's Teachings and Practices

You are invited to join The Awakening Place, a space for spiritual inspiration and discovery. Explore Isira’s core teachings on Live Spiritual, The Four Pillars and Spiritual Practices to support your journey of Holistic awakening.

This exclusive library of Isira’s teachings gives you unlimited access to explore Isira’s wisdom and spiritual resources, meditations, and practices. This living resource is designed to support you to bridge the gap between your spiritual journey and the challenges of our world today.

Access Isira’s guidance and wisdom to allow yourself to confidently live holistically with awareness and deep connection.

LIVE Spiritual

Live Spiritual Workshops

Live Spiritual workshops support you to integrate your awakening and take conscious action.

Isira shares teachings, leads you through deep meditations, and shares practical tools. You also receive handouts and separate meditation downloads to listen to at your leisure.

In The Awakening Place you will have access to these online workshops:

  • Why Awakening Is Not Enough: How to Integrate Your Awakening
  • Reconnect, Restore, Regenerate
  • Embracing the Power of Compassion
  • The Gift of Grief
The Four Pillars

The Four Sacred Pillars Programs

The Four Sacred Pillars are the core areas, that are essential for living an integrated, awakened life. They serve as a map, to experience oneness and live in harmony with all of life.

When we realise we are not separate but rather part of an interconnected and multidimensional field of being, our relating changes. It becomes conscious, reciprocal and sacred. We embody loving respect, care, honour, and deep appreciation.

In The Awakening Place you will experience these practices and online workshops:

  • Holistic Awakening – Discover the Four Sacred Pillars of Life … The keys to Sacred Living
  • The Four Sacred Pillars – Foundational Practices
  • The Four Sacred Pillars – Introductory Workshop
  • The Four Sacred Pillars – In-Depth Workshop
  • The Four Sacred Pillars – Meditative Practices

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices and meditations will support you to integrate your awakening.

You will also receive an extended library of Isira’s Satsangs (over 100 hours) where Isira shares powerful discourses, bringing clarity and truth to a range of topics that are deeply relevant to our lives.

In The Awakening Place you will receive:

  • Spiritual Practice for Integrated Awakening
  • Alpha Breathing and Sound Bathing
  • Meditations and Contemplations
  • Satsangs with Isira

What you'll receive in The Awakening Place...

Library of Satsangs
and Talks

Explore and experience the inspiration and wisdom in 100+ hours of Isira's Satsangs where she shares powerful discourses, bringing clarity and truth to a range of topics deeply relevant to our lives.

Awakening Meditations and Resources

Guided meditations and practical suggestions help you strengthen your own inner navigation system. Including: Alpha Breathing, Witnessing Practices, Shakti Shake, Bowls of Peace, The Four Pillars Practices and more.

Online Workshops
and Programs

Access to recordings of Isira's live in-depth workshops and programs to support you to integrate your awakening. Available as guided programs with interactive exercises, life-affirming practices.

Join The Awakening Place ~ Monthly or Annual Contributions

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When you subscribe you get unlimited access to Isira’s Core Teachings.

The subscription is: 

  • Monthly Payment US$30 (Pay in Australian dollars AU$45 excl GST)
  • Annual Payment US$197 (Pay in Australian dollars AU$290 excl GST)

You can unsubscribe at any time.

All the proceeds from your subscription support Isira to extend her teachings to as many people as possible, so the peace, love, and freedom that awakening brings can be shared.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Awakening Place.

What people say...

Isira’s commitment to a better you and a better world

A spiritual master from the Aboriginal land of Kaurna in Southern Australia, Isira is an expert in human conscious development. As an awakened woman of Indigenous heritage she is a recognised Wisdom Keeper and Ngankari (a woman of spiritual power). Embodying unconditional love, compassion and pure awareness, Isira is a catalyst for our own transformation and journey of awakening.

Her vision is to support as many people as possible to reconnect, transform and awaken, and experience living in harmony with all life.

To realise this, Isira understands that people need access to practical tools that teach them how to reconnect in today’s world, as well as the opportunity to get answers to their questions about their experience. 

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Awakening Meditation

You will also receive a special gift of Isira’s Awakening Meditation – a profound, guided meditation tool for awakening Enlightened Awareness.