The Four Pillars

Restoring the relationship
of interconnection between all things.

Everything is Interconnected

There is one unifying LORE for all life: EVERYTHING IS INTERCONNECTED.
All things are relating to and interdependent of each other and love is the unifying power.

Life is an open system of interconnected, inter-relating parts, all of which are interdependent within the whole. These ‘parts’ are a living, interrelating field,  expressed through the primary realms of land/ environment, people and sentient beings, the soul/ spirit of all and the cosmic creation patterns. Love is the power through which we know and nurture these parts.

No part stands alone or separate, yet in itself holds unique aspects, expression and purpose. No part exists, or is able to function in balance without a relationship to all other parts. All life is in synergy. We are an evolving part within this field. When we live by this law we approach life as a 360° connection: from the inner to the outer and the outer to inner, and full circle. We have a sacred relationship with all life. With this comes reverent, caring responsibility for the well-being of all life and future generations to come.

1. Environment and Place - our relationship with the natural world

Connection to and care of place – land, country, environment.

Our existence is indivisibly tied to the land, to place, to country, to earth. With our right connection and relationship to land we are able to maintain the correct flow and balance of life force between ourselves and earth. We maintain a conscious, loving and responsible relationship with our surrounding environment – to local place and the world as a whole. With this we can sustain caring, responsible relationships with our environment, the earth and its resources.

Core LAW: all life is interconnected and interdependent. Nature has laws that must be adhered to in order to maintain well-being and balance.

2. Connection and kinship - relationships with all life

Respectful, loving and emotionally intelligent relationships with family and all beings.

We are part of a whole field of living, sentient beings. All lives are interdependent. When we acknowledge the indivisible links we share with all other people and creatures we are able to maintain healthy relations and function as a conscious collective. We meet life with love, care and compassion. In recognising we are a part of a collective we value ‘allocentric’ over egocentric.  There is no view of separate self or superior identity. In understanding this we are able to value (all) relationships above possessions (economy and materiality). We are able to maintain deep and loving kinship with all beings, uphold enriching values and live in harmony and thrive.

Core LAW: all life is interconnected and interdependent. We are a part of each other. All life is one being, and maintains balance when functioning as a loving, conscious collective.

3. Inner connection - spiritual relationship between self and all

Connection with one’s own soul and the spirit that connects us to creation
(and the spirit underlying all things).

We are all part of and arising from a field of conscious, loving, creative, intelligent energy. This ‘spirit’ is within us and all around us. Our ‘soul’ is a unique thread within this spiritual realm. When we maintain conscious connection with this we are able to maintain conscious connection with all life. This provides us with an inner compass and the ears and eyes to hear the subtle realm of creation – the unseen, the formless, through which all creation is born, unfolding, inter-being and evolving. When we maintain this inner compass we are guided by higher will, love and conscience. This maintains a strong foundation of personal and universally shared morals and values. It ensures we are accountable to a higher law.

Core LAW: all life is in continuum. There is a connectivity and relationship between form and formlessness in past, present and future through the spirit of all. In valuing the design of life beyond the finite time and place of the body and the individual self we uphold loving sacred balance.

4. Universal laws - cosmic laws between all living things

Acknowledging and upholding a relationship with all life guided by the cosmic and universal laws of all creation.

All life is energy. There is a divine design behind all existence. Cosmic and creative laws exist between all dimensions of space and form, the seen and unseen. When we recognise the relationship between these realms, manifesting through the microcosm and macrocosm, we are able to see the patterns connecting all things. In upholding a relationship with the cosmic laws we are able to maintain our place in relation to these greater forces – i.e. not assuming superiority. We are able to honour the higher ‘creator’ (as a universal, infinite power – rather than as an entity/individual), recognise cause and effect and maintain the right balance of responsibility in ‘time’ and ‘place’.

Core LAW: Creation is a sacred power and design (a blueprint to be remembered and honoured), operating as vibrational creative patterns. It is the master of all, and all is a creation of it.

Discover your own unique connection with
The Four Pillars

Discovering and rebuilding your own relationship with the Four Pillars can be as simple as meditating daily to find your own inner voice, spending quality time in nature and listening to her messages, and building deeper connections with the people in your life and community. We all have our own unique way of connecting with life and finding deeper, more consciously loving relationships.

Find greater meaning and re-establish The Four Pillars in your life