The certain path

Why do we need a path? What draws us to a path?

The moment we are conceived we embark on a journey of potential. The potential within us fills us with vision: a vision of what we are to become. We are told that our highest potential is infinite joy and love; that is the fruit that waits to ripen. As we begin to see this more clearly we become painfully aware that where we are standing is in contrast to our vision. We see a distance between the two. That gap beckons us to find a path to move from the ground of our potential to the fruit of its vision.

Certainly a seed already contains within it the life force of a thousand fruits, yet it still trembles in the quake of its path – to die as the seed to be born as the fruiting tree. Likewise, as humans, we all share the same journey as our ego shakes in its throws of death as we embark on the path of love that may bear the fruits of its wisdom. And every one who becomes conscious of this transformation always asks…how? The answer to that always remains the same. By following the path that is lit by love.

Sadly, humanity feverishly attempts to deny love as the one and only true path. Yet, no matter how many routes we may take with our mind, all the knowledge in the world could not dispel the illusions of the ego nor heal a single wound when love is absent. The path of Love is the most significant and important factor in every way for humanities advance, healing and liberation. It is the only path of certainty.

No single one of us is outside of the path of love. Yet many may choose to turn their eyes from the light and truth of love, and instead live in the shadows of its impostors and substitutes where fear rules and disappointments abound. So it is that our longest journey is from the head to the heart. It is our one and only path. Yet to recognise this consciously and to make a commitment to all that steers us in the direction of our goal is the moment we walk the path.

The goal of the path is to transform the mind from separation to the awareness of unity, to lead us from judgement to love, from pain to joy, from war to peace. When we arrive at the awareness of unity there is only the reality of love. For this inner transformation to occur we must have an outer path to sustain it: one that is authentic and approachable from wherever each of us stands. Therefore, the path must be inclusive of our diversity. It is only love that can achieve this.

No matter how many names we may give the path it is the vessel of love that carries us across the sea of fear to liberation. Through understanding and following the universal principles of love we may follow a discerning route through and beyond our fears to fulfil our highest potential.

It is therefore totally natural to every human being to take a path. For what human being is absent of the quest to be fulfilled in love? That journey is inevitable. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

Through direct experience, Isira’s teachings and organisation: Living Awareness, offers a path that is direct and inclusive to all. Founded in the truth of our one eternal Self as love it provides a discerning path that awakens us to our inner truth. Through this light we can go beyond ego and concepts to become the joyous experience of our highest potential…the embodiment of love.




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