Balancing emotions

One of the common definitions for emotions is ‘energy in motion’. I’d like to expand on that. This energy in ‘motion’ arises as a result of us sensing and expressing. Therefore emotions are the moving energies of our being and through which ultimately life as a whole is being sensed and expressed. If we look deeply into what we are, we discover nothing but energy. Consciousness is energy. Mind is energy. Form is energy.

The energy associated with thoughts and experiences is at the very core of our human nature. Why? Because each thought has its own type of pattern or vibration. For example, anger has a distinct vibration compared to kindness. Although there are vast arrays of energy vibrations in consciousness, the average human remains quite confined to a narrow spectrum of emotions born out of ‘dualistic’ perceptions. In other words, polarised feelings between ‘good’ and ‘bad’. This is the microcosm of emotion.

However, as we extend our awareness further, we recognise how deeply sensitive we are. We are sensing beings. The moment another person walks into the room we can sense their mood. This indicates how interconnected we actually are at the feeling level, and is an example of the macrocosm of the emotional level. We are, every single one of us, intimately connected to each other. And, indeed, we are all energy. In fact, what we are feeling is generated through our ‘attunement’ to the collective field of energies of the one life we are all a part of.

Literally, we are ‘transceivers’ – transmitters and receivers of energy. Most of this exchange is happening at a level we are not even aware of. Our emotions are a good gauge of which energies we have identified with most, which energies we are holding on to in our nervous system and which energies stimulate us most.

The central need of emotion is expression, the most important being from the soul. When we lose our connection with inner being, our feelings become trapped in the confined and superficial layers of the ego. We begin to develop an emotional body that is constructed of various energies relating to the beliefs we have collected throughout life, beliefs that are distant from our authentic self.

These energies are created largely through the conflicting vibrations we feel, arising from the contradictions we experience as we encounter people and circumstances that are disconnected from the true nature of Self. Consequently, we develop dysfunctional mechanisms to cope with the disparity we feel, which in turn only lead to more conflicting emotions. We are also taught to suppress emotions, which results in unhealthy accumulation of distorted and trapped energies.

Our inner being always feels and ‘knows’ what is true and authentic. Yet, from the very beginning we have been confronted with a world of mindsets that have lost touch with this deeper abiding truth. This is the very foundation of conflicting energy that all emotions are built on, leading to layers of distorted emotions. This also indicates how important a healthy and balanced mind is. Without a healthy and balanced mind we create deeper layers of unconscious behaviours and emotions. We travel further away from our authentic selves.

When we are able to express ourselves authentically, all energies we encounter flow freely and are assimilated and integrated in a healthy and conscious manner. Whatever energies are not expressed in this way become suppressed. Whatever is supressed eventually becomes distorted, perverted, dysfunctional and destructive. These energies become so deeply buried and so painful that a person does anything they can to avoid truly feeling his or her emotions.

As a result most people are trying to mentally solve or understand their emotions, when actually what is really needed is simply the energetic expression, the mobilisation of the feelings through breath, sound and movement. This leads to a completion, rather than a deeper validation, of energies (and the stories associated with them) that tie us to the past.

Ultimately, our emotional being needs space to be expressed authentically. In our most natural and healthy emotional state, we express freely, with conscious consideration and spontaneity. It is vital that we find a way to simply express our innermost feelings, not those which are bound in dysfunctional and distorted views about ourselves and life, but rather those which express the beauty and harmony flowing through the soul of one’s being and all things.

These feelings are exquisitely unique. No one else can ever express the true emotion of another. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” By expressing the uniqueness of your own soul, you bring the gift of yourself into the world and fulfil the true potential and beauty of your emotional being.

Excerpt from Awakening YOU

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