How Can We Restore Our Connection To Nature?

Connect With Nature, Connection to nature

Even if we live in the city or suburbia, we need to acknowledge our connection with the earth and how we can connect with nature. 

Despite our great disconnection, and even though it may have been repressed and wiped out in places, nature is still all around us.

The Sky Above, The Earth Below

The sky is above us, the earth is beneath us. So it doesn’t matter where we are, we can restore our relationship with nature. It can be as simple as taking off our shoes, walking outside, looking at the sky or watching the clouds.

Pay attention to the sky, the clouds, notice the birds flying over, look down at your feet, feel the earth beneath your feet. Even if you’re in a city, there are trees… start to acknowledge the trees, connect with nature.

Everything Is Sentient

Nature is sentient, it has intelligence, it has consciousness. Science is more clearly acknowledging and recognising this: that all life forms are intelligent, are feeling, are conscious. All of existence has sentient intelligence.

When you are in the city, there are parks, there are trees, there is the sky and the earth. Take time to acknowledge the trees you walk past. You don’t have to hug the tree, you can go and lean on it as if you are taking a moment for a pause. Or just with your heart, acknowledge the tree as you walk past to strengthen your connection with nature.

Small Simple Gestures Can Connect With Nature

Take a few moments in your lunch break, take your shoes off, stand on the grass, lie on the grass, stare at the sky, connect with nature.

It starts with these really small, simple acts. Even with small gestures, you will be filled with so much more energy, because nature is there for you.

When You Connect With Nature, Nature Is There For You

When you consciously…

  • Acknowledge a tree, it acknowledges you, it fills you with energy
  • Acknowledge the sky, it breathes into you
  • Acknowledge the earth, it pulses into you

All of this awakens a deeper, resonant consciousness in the human.

Why is this?

Because we are a part of earth. Yet we have been dispossessed of land and nature for eons. Most people have travelled far away from their native roots. But the truth is, our cells are still vibrating with this genetic information and profound connection with nature.

Taking Steps To Reconnect With Nature

Our human system still knows and understands all of this information. So even when we take small steps towards nature, in turn, nature takes giant steps back to us. And deeper information wakes up in us.

Even small encounters can wake up even greater energy in us. We become so rejuvenated and restored from it that we can’t help but feel magnetically drawn to nature in a deeper way.

We also awaken our desire to take care of nature in a deeper way. It could be as simple as planting your own tree, herbs or a garden. You have a relationship with the soil, with the earth, with the sky.

This is what it means to indigenous people as we speak of country: we connect deeply with earth, place, nature.

My Country, A Relationship Of Place

As an indigenous person, when we say country, my country, we’re not talking about just the position of a place, we’re talking about the relationship of place and the connection with nature.

Country means I have a relationship with all the trees, with all the grasses, with all the creatures. That’s what country means.

The reality is, every single one of us is part of country, right here, right now. You might live in a city, but that is still country.

When you start to have a relationship with your country, you will connect with nature in a profound way. With this, we can begin to truly heal, not just ourselves, but the world.

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