Our Ability To Transform – To Reconnect

ability to transform

At the core of all transformation is our ability to reconnect, our ability to transform ourselves. The more we reconnect with ourselves, with life and with each other, the more clearly, we see ourselves.

The veils are parted, and truth re-emerges. As they say…

The truth shall set you free

We are living in a world of increasing confusion, conflict and loss, the unravelling of our environment, health, our governments. All of this is a result of our deep disconnection. Our ability to transform is at stake.

Reconnection With Ourselves

If we do not have true connection with ourselves, we struggle to accept and embody the truth.

This is what it takes – our own reconnection. Then we become the living truth, the living transformation. From this, we can bring the restoration and regeneration that we need in the world.

Our Ability to Transform is in Our Natural State of Reconnection

Our ability to reconnect is wired into us, it's already part of our makeup.  ~ Isira

If we just look at the nature of our senses, for example, when we see that when we inhabit our body more deeply with our senses, we reconnect with our lived experience.

When we reconnect with awareness, we deepen our connection with the source of creation, which is consciousness.

Restoring Connections Empowers Your Ability To Transform

As we move through the very simple, fundamental steps of reclaiming perspective, and reclaiming our awareness and how we engage in each moment, we begin to restore these connections in multiple ways…

  • Taking time in nature, to reconnect and be nurtured again
  • Taking time with your loved ones. Reconnecting at an emotional level to restore and strengthen those connections
  • Pausing, taking a few moments to be present, wherever you are
  • Feeling what’s happening, seeing what is happening, and being aware of what you are experiencing

Deepen Your Experience Of Reconnection

Deepen your own experience of reconnection by exploring a variety of different practices and avenues.

As you apply different practices, you don’t have to get your transformation perfect. You don’t have to do it right every single moment. It’s a journey. Your ability to transform is a moment to moment unfolding.

Take Time To Focus On Your Breathing

If you experience some moments of feeling disconnected or confused, just simply take time to use your breath to come back to the moment and tune into whichever particular practice feels relevant in the moment.

Don’t become too mechanical or controlled in the way you approach your reconnection. Allow yourself some flexibility.

Focus On Kindness and Compassion

Be kind and compassionate with yourself and allow your intention to expand your ability to transform. This will strengthen your reconnection.

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