Spiritual Practices for Integrating your Awakening

Isira’s holistic spiritual practices guide you to shift your orientation and perspective so you expand beyond the self, and connect with the whole of life. This supports you to live spiritual and integrate your awakening. 

The foundations of Isira’s spiritual practices are “reconnection” enabling you to fully integrate your awakening and restore relationship with all of life through The Four Pillars.

Discover how to integrate your awakening with Isira’s Spiritual Practices.

Spiritual Practices support you to  Integrate your Awakening  

Spiritual practices support your best intentions and provide guidance and tools for your Integrated Awakening. They support the process of change in our thinking and actions.

Spiritual practices allow us to shift from awakening as an idea, to awakening as a lived experience, to LIVE spiritual. Spiritual practices are designed to:

  • Bring you into present-moment awareness, to be ‘here’
  • Support an engaged, open, and aware state
  • Enable you to respond to life with love and consciousness
  • Bring more integrated connection, empowerment and meaning to your life

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