Sacred Circle

Reconnect, co-create
and call in the world we want

Sunday 28 March from 5pm

Join Isira at a Sacred Circle for ReConnection

Our world is rapidly changing, impacting us on every level. As Isira teaches us, the only way to meet these challenges consciously is through ReConnection. 

This Sacred Circle is an opportunity to share a deeper level of consciousness, to come together and feel your own power of connection and call in the world we want.

Isira’s Sacred Circle ReConnection will guide you to:

~ Enter a state of connectivity

~ Optimise your power of intention

~ Experience deep and profound practices – A smoking ceremony, meditation and deep contemplation, Visioning and more

Take this opportunity to restore your conscious connection with nature, each other, yourself and the cosmos.

The Sacred Circle Intention

Isira’s intention is to support you to embrace and honour the interconnection of all things. Be inspired to build your communities with friends and family, with a new foundation of reconnection.

“This is an opportunity to co-create a sacred field of intention. To experience the power of collectively anchoring in our vision and creating the new story of the world we choose to live in.”

Join Isira in Elanora (on Sydney’s Northern Beaches)
Sunday 28 March from 5pm
Immerse yourself in the Sacred by registering below.
There are only 20 places available to this live event.
Price: $88 (incl GST)
Price: including event audio recording: $110 (incl GST)

Audio Recording

For those who are unable to join Isira live, an audio recording will be available and sent to you unedited within 48 hours after the event. You can buy the audio recording below for $55 or the recording will also be available free to all full members of The Awakening Place

Isira’s commitment to a better you and a better world

A spiritual master from the Aboriginal land of Kaurna in Southern Australia, Isira is an expert in human conscious development. As an awakened woman of Indigenous heritage she is a recognised Wisdom Keeper and Ngankari (a woman of spiritual power). Embodying unconditional love, compassion and pure awareness, Isira is a catalyst for our own transformation and journey of awakening.

Her vision is to support as many people as possible to reconnect, transform and awaken, and experience living in harmony with all life.

To realise this, Isira understands that people need access to practical tools that teach them how to reconnect in today’s world, as well as the opportunity to get answers to their questions about their experience. Read more