Sacred Living Retreat
with Isira
Wed 8 to Sun 12 March 2023

Photograph: Hanumani (Tracey Beckler)

Sacred Living – How To Relate Sacredly With Our Selves And All of Life

Isira is holding a Sacred Living Retreat over 5 days between Wed 8 and Sun 12 March 2023.

During this time, she will offer us an opportunity to fully connect; to be held in a sacred field and dive deep in presence. We are experiencing challenging times and this is our opportunity to come together, to fill our cup, restore and unite in sacred communion.

As you know, retreats are not only a place for us to connect with deep wisdom and truth; they are also a place for us to nurture and catalyse change within ourselves, which leads to positive change in our community and the world at large. 

In this retreat, you will learn how  to relate sacredly with yourself and all of  life. This is the experience of holistic awakening. You will expand in self awareness and presence through “dadirri” (deep listening), immersive practices, meditation, and sacred ceremony.  You will deepen and further integrate, embody, and ground your consciousness. These practices will be based in indigenous lore and universal truths that integrate your awakening and connect us to nature, each other, our selves, and the cosmos.  


When you register for this Sacred Living Retreat with Isira you will also receive some extra special gifts.

An invitation to attend a private online Satsang with Isira that is being held only for Retreat participants. You will have the opportunity to ask questions that have emerged since the retreat and share what has been happening for you. This Satsang will be held within 4 weeks of the Sacred Living Retreat. 

You will also receive unlimited access to Isira’s core teachings through The Awakening Place (for one year) if you are not already a member of The Awakening Place.

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The 5 day live-in Retreat with Isira

The Retreat with Isira begins on Wed 8 March at 5pm and finishes on Sun 12 March at 1.30pm (after lunch).  Registration for the retreat is between 2-4pm on Wed 8 March, before the program begins.

Our daily program together starts early in the morning and finishes in the evening. You will experience:

Immersive practices, meditation, sacred ceremony and question and answer sessions with Isira. These practices will be based in indigenous lore and universal truths, connecting us to nature, each other, our selves and the cosmos. You will be lovingly held in sacred space at sacred sites and in a comfortable indoor setting throughout the retreat.

Other movement practices with an instructor.

Other activities and self time for silence and inner reflection.

Delicious meals that are designed for thorough cleansing and detoxifying.

Comfortable accommodation in either a shared or single room.

Sessions with Isira

Your group sessions with Isira will be held on…

Wednesday afternoon/evening – 2 group sessions

Thursday, Friday and Saturday – 4 group sessions each day

Sunday – 2 group sessions

These sessions with Isira will be held both indoors and outside in the natural surroundings (weather permitting).


The retreat is being held at the beautiful Hunter Valley Retreat Centre about 2 hours drive from Sydney. A wonderful Hunter Valley hideaway set on 200 acres of beautiful Australian bush-land at the foot of the majestic Watagan Mountains.  

626 Sandy Creek Rd, Quorrobolong NSW 2325 Australia


You can easily get to the Hunter Valley Retreat Centre by car from the M1 Motorway north of Sydney. 

If you will be arriving by public transport we suggest that you travel to a train station nearby (Awaba Train Station) and then we will be arranging for someone to be there to pick you up at a designated time on Wednesday 8 March. We will also have someone to drive you back to the train station after the retreat finishes on Sunday 12 March.


Your accommodation includes a comfortable bed with all your bedding, blankets and towels. You will also have access to a fridge, and tea making facilities. 

There are two options of accommodation for you to choose from:

Option 1: A shared room, in a single bed, with one other person with a shared bathroom. We recommend this for people travelling with friends or a partner. 

Option 2: A single Room with a queen bed and your own ensuite bathroom. We recommend this for people travelling on their own and like their private space.

If you are coming as a couple please let us know as we may be able to organise for you to share a queen room together.


The delicious menu is designed for cleansing and detoxifying which is essential to the process of clarifying awareness. Food is fresh, mainly organic and nourishing. The aim is to support wellbeing. Therefore there will be no coffee, sugar, or refined foods.

If you have special food needs please let us know, after your application has been accepted, and we will do our best to cater for you.


Your booking confirms your place at this retreat. As this is an intimate retreat with Isira (with only a limited number of places available) we suggest you book as soon as possible.

Single Room


Wellness at the Retreat

We are aware that health and wellness can be of concern to the larger community. And we are committed to supporting health and wellness at the Sacred Living Retreat.

If you contract a heavy cold, flu or another possibly contagious illness close to when the Retreat begins on Wednesday 8 March 2023 or when you are on the retreat, please reach out to one of the retreat co-ordinators as soon as possible, so we can discuss your individual circumstances and find a solution together. 

If this happens before the Retreat begins on Wednesday 8 March 2023 a part refund will be issued. And if you become ill during the retreat you will be asked to isolate and it is unlikely that you will be given a refund. 

We recommend that you take care prior to the retreat to maintain your own health and wellness.


We understand how unexpected things can happen and are open to refunds. Please contact us should something prevent you from attending this amazing and unique sacred retreat. A non refundable fee of $660 (shared room) and $890 ( single room) applies to all bookings. Please note there are no refunds after the closing date of 21 February. 


There are a number of people in our community, including indigenous elders, who would like to attend yet are not in the financial position to do so. We are inviting contributions so these people can attend and their retreat attendance costs are covered. We ask each of these people to pay what they can in line with their financial circumstances and other people’s contributions make up the difference.

If you feel moved, and would like to offer part or full contribution, we would be very grateful to hear from you; or you can make a direct contribution here.

More Information

If you have any questions please contact Serena
email:  phone: (Australia) +61 404 162 285

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