A feminine emergence

You, me and every other thing in the universe is made of the same stuff. Energy. Everything we are, everything we experience, express and do is the result of a dynamic play of energies. Within our humanness is the dynamic of two fundamental polar energies: masculine and feminine. Like positive and negative currents, their interaction is at the very core of all life force – the spark of life. This dynamic interaction is constantly in play, within each of us as man or woman, within the play between the sexes, and in the dynamics of our collective human consciousness.

This dynamic balance and shift within and between our feminine and masculine energies also plays a deeply significant role in our journey of awakening.

In general, male energies are those of structure, direction, penetration, individualisation and order, whereas female energies are those of flow, receptivity, embrace, inclusion and transformation.

It is relevant to acknowledge that, at this time in our human journey, we are currently most immersed in masculine energies of perception, behaviour and systems. These systems are born out of an extreme attachment to structure, and hence we have the chronic issue of materialism on the planet.

However, we are now in a window of profound change. The energies are shifting towards the more feminine cycle and we are bearing witness to a swelling transformation – the call to awaken the heart to our feminine essence – which is flowing, uniting, merging and, yes, transforming.

One of the reasons for this shift is the greater number of women embodying and delivering enlightened awareness to humanity. Although feminine and masculine energies are present within both men and women, each energy respectively is (most usually) more prominent in the embodied form. It is therefore more natural for a woman to be deeply in tune with qualities that are receptive, unifying and intuitive. This is evident in her biological make up – the capacity to hold within her and nurture a new life. Many spiritual masters have indicated women are often times much closer or receptive to awakened states than men (contrary to sociological opinions especially held by patriarchal authorities).

In the past 2000 years the spiritual journey has been driven largely by structured concepts and beliefs, with a dominance of male authorities in the spiritual and religious domains. However we are shifting into a phase of deconstruction. Along with this is a shedding, and hence a deeper opening, allowing humanity to move into the experiential phase based on the awakening of the heart – feeling – and therefore into a different level of consciousness which is no longer about concept or structure but about presence.

It is well documented that the journey of awakening entails an opening into the cosmic life flow – Shakti or kundalini – which is the feminine source energy. Ultimately this opens the way for the individual to dissolve learned structures (beliefs, attachments and concepts) and to re-unite with the Self. This vast oceanic presence of the Self is eternal, boundless and all united. It is the power and presence of our very essential being and has the capacity to lead us into the totality of love – the awakened presence of Self that is ONE with all.

Our feminine energy contains vast power. In its initial stages it may appear destructive as it breaks down all that was systemised and structured, in preparation for the gestation of new life. From the dark crevices and folds of the unconscious realms, a light emerges and carries us into the crystalised state of wholeness and a flow of being which is untethered, all accepting, centred, open and embracing. It is the feminine energy within each of us – man or woman – that opens the way for this light. It is the opening of the emotive self through the heart’s cosmic centre.

Dissolving the barriers of the human heart centre is the most significant aspect of this passage. There are many conditions that must be surrendered in order for our hearts to melt and be in their true states of being. But it is our feminine energy that allows this to happen, enabling us to shed our skin and die to the old self – and to do so both powerfully and gently. This universal force of hers is both transmuting and loving.

As we collectively undergo this shift it is essential for us to recognise the power that is accessible to us all in the heart centre, and as the aspect of ourself that is divine feminine power.

Rather than fear the process of letting go, of change and transformation, we can remember the gift of surrender. For this is the true tool of the divine feminine – it is her sword of truth – releasing us from all that is outmoded or false – clearing the veils of illusions for us to re-awaken to our essential self as that which is all presence… LOVE.

With this surrender comes a softening yet a strengthening, a calmness and clarity, and a flow of purpose that serves for the collective, rather than the individual. And indeed, this is the call to awakening: to recognise the absolute inter-dependance and connectedness of all things, to move as the ocean of consciousness, to act from the heart of love, to see and know all as One – for the gain of the collective.

In doing so we begin to truly live in accord with ‘Thy Will’ – not as perceived definitions and rules… but as aware, engaged, living presence… as Love.

Perhaps the greatest gift of the feminine energy now is the power to transcend our fears as we undergo a great passage of change… for deep within, she knows that the pains of labour are for the gift of new life. In this knowing is a deeply centred presence, the power of breath and silence as we usher in our greater being, to walk the beauty way.


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