to the nature of existence

Sat 17 Nov - Sun 18 Nov 2018

“The primary conflict and grief that is being experienced today is because of our dislocation from our true indigenous nature. In western civilisation this misplacement happened so long ago, that it is buried deep within us.”​

In searching for peace, love and freedom we often explore western culture, eastern traditions, and indigenous practices, knowing that each offers a unique answer, but feeling confused in how to bring them together to live consciously today.

The real answer comes in awakening to our own intrinsic nature, restoring our right connection with ourselves, nature, family, and community.

At our roots we are all indigenous. We are all born of the earth, and are part of nature. When we reconnect to this, we reconnect to ourselves, our family, community and all living things on earth and in the wider sense the cosmos.

In this exclusive and intimate 2 day program Isira supports you to reclaim and return to your indigenous nature; discovering how to live in harmony with true spiritual values, “The 4 Pillars of LORE.”

  1. Our Spirit – “our essential self”
  2. Our Community and family – “kinship with family and all life”
  3. Nature and the world – “we belong to the earth”
  4. Universal Laws – “the unseen connective, creative and cosmic forces”

“Nature is here, waiting for you to come back home and reconnect.”

What people say about Isira's 2 Day Intensive Programs


You will experience

  1. Two day program of deep connection with Isira at Budhawana, Isira’s new centre on Sydney’s North Shore, adjacent to Ku ring gai National Park.

  2. Insights, practices and tools to reconnect you with your own indigenous nature.

  3. An opportunity to interact directly with Isira and ask questions relating to the “4 pillars of Lore” and how you can restore your own connection with life.

You will also receive a specially prepared extract from the program of a consciousness enhancing practice. This is generally sent within 3-4 weeks after the program


The program will run from 10am to 5pm on both Saturday 17 November and Sunday 18 November.

You will be required to register on Saturday from 9.30am and be ready to start at 10am.

In addition to morning and afternoon tea, there will be a lunch break for 1 hour and 15 minutes in the middle of each day.


Budhawana, Isira’s new private venue in Elanora Heights, Sydney, Australia;located adjacent to the Ku ring gai National Park. Note: If you are staying in local accommodation, and do not have transport, we may be able to ask other participants to assist you.

Accommodation and Meals

This is a non-residential program with Isira so you will need to provide your own accommodation and meals. We will provide more details about the food options closer to the date.

We will be providing filtered water and teas each day.


Below is the pricing for the event. This is great value and an opportunity for you to experience this event at a significant reduction to the prices we will be charging in the future.

Full Price AU$495
(Bookings close Thursday 8 November)

Book Your Place

There are a set number of places available to attend this exclusive and intimate program with Isira. As soon as the places are filled we will close bookings.

More Information

If you would like more information please contact Serena

email: phone: +61 404 162 285