Ngaligumerra – We Are One is a calling for Australia’s shared vision for greater harmony moving forward.

The key is to reconnect the diverse and sometimes fractured aspects of the modern Australian society by reconnecting us with our common roots.

As Aunty Jinta said, “we are all indigenous in the core of our being”. Aunty Jinta is an initiated Indigenous elder, spiritual leader, and wisdom keeper who embodies and teaches the universal wisdom of Creation and Conscious Awakening.

By sitting in sacred connection with Aunty Jinta, and guided by Dadirri (deep listening) practices in Indigenous rituals, we experience our interconnectedness to all things. Aunty Jinta’s ability to put deep Indigenous and universal wisdom in simple language that is understood by people of all cultures is the key to reconnect us to our roots with Country (Mother Earth), with each other (kinship), with our Self (spirit), and the Cosmos (universal lores). Aunty Jinta explains this ancient yet timeless wisdom succinctly in the Four Sacred Pillars.

Captured in breathtaking cinematography, the film is an immersive experience that transports the audience to the sacred connections held on Country. Ngaligumerra – We Are One, is a film that will reinstate and give new light to Indigenous Australian wisdom, and unites us all in this knowing.

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