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The Grief of our Times - Interview with Isira and Jimena - Medicine Festival

A talk between Isira and Jimena about "The Grief of Our Times".

With much of the world going in and out of lockdown, emotions are frayed. Mental health is stretched. What is beneath the sudden bursts of tears, the lost sleep, or that underlying sense of foreboding?

Join as Isira gives voice to the unspoken grief that permeates our times.

Wisdom In Times of Crisis: Live Online Interactive Journey

Isira participated in this unique event with the highly-regarded SAND (Science and Nonduality). The interactive online journey included talks, interviews, live Q&A, poetry, films, breakout sessions, and networking.

In her interview, Isira discusses the The Deeper Story Behind Crises.

How to Consciously Respond and Adapt to This Time of Change in This World

In this online retreat, hosted by the Open Circle Center, Isira explored with us how to bridge the higher principles and elements of the spiritual path with the raw reality of the challenges being experienced as a human on the planet now.

Isira also shared how we can find relevance in our spiritual ideals and apply them for the greatest benefit and effect.

We Are The Regeneration: Live Interview With Isira

Who do we look to in times of crisis? What if, as the Hopi prophecy suggests, we really are the ones we are waiting for?

Listen to Isira's interview with SAND (Science and NonDuality)

Pure Presence Summit: Finding Trust In Uncertain Times

Isira was a keynote speaker at this event, alongside Marianne Williamson, and 28 others. With compassion and deep insight, Isira will explore why we are feeling anxious; what we are missing; and what’s needed to restore centred calm - and trust in these times.