Isira shares about The Integrated Awakening Conference

Why do you participate in Conferences like these?

The journey and truth of awakening never happens on a narrow path. It is a shared process. There are so many different angles and aspects to the awakening process and so much to discover: it is not about an individual teacher or a singular path. Opening our hearts and minds to different inspirations can only be a good thing.

We all need to work together and collaborate because it takes a great many of us to hold space, share, inspire and guide. We are all awakening together.

Why did you decide to speak at the Integrated Awakening Conference?

The topic of Integrated Awakening is so relevant to our times. I really see, and feel, that this is what people are needing, and looking for, in these challenging times.

Many people may not have realised that this is what they were looking for and needing. But if we look closely, we see this is what awakening is all about. It is about us closing the gaps, finding union between all the parts, and not just having realisations – but integrating them into our lives.

Bill Free, and the Pure Presence Conferences, focus on creating quality events and experiences that inspire people in their awakening. They do this through collaborating with a diverse range of inspiring teachers. Because of this, their events are welcoming, dynamic, and inclusive in nature.

You will be talking about “The challenges we face are calling us to Integrate Our Awakening.” Would you like to share about why you chose this topic?

We are experiencing so much polarization and division in every aspect of our lives. In our sense of selves. The split between our spiritual side and our worldly side. In our relationships. In our social challenges. In our ideologies. In our politics. And more. 

People have many fears about this. They are afraid that the world is falling apart and we are not going to be able to effectively navigate the challenges and the crises we’re facing.

At the same time I feel a lot of people have been struggling to find the link between their spiritual practice and ideals, and their lived reality. A lot of people have innocently imagined that just focusing on spirituality, and more transcendent realms, is going to change everything. It hasn’t, and it’s not.

It’s about us recognising and understanding that awakening is not just about love and light (and the typical spiritual view). Our spirituality can, and needs to be, integrated in our lives as a lived human experience. We can bring together every aspect of our lives and find unity within ourselves and the world around us. 

People can be empowered, and the world can change, through integrated awakening.

Isira's session (90 minutes):
The Challenges We Face Are Calling Us To Integrate Our Awakening

It is no longer enough to just BE Spiritual, we must LIVE Spiritual.

We need to expand beyond the self, and the transcendent experience, and live fully connected to all life. With true integration we can take conscious action for the next level of human evolution and planetary survival.

How do we do this?

By Integrating our Awakening, turning to the timeless foundations of all indigenous and traditional cultures across the world, we can restore the foundations of an awakened society, and an awakened world.

Isira invites you to discover how to LIVE Spiritual, Integrate your Awakening and Regenerate our World.

Here’s when Isira’s session will be on:

Sun 19 Sept 1.45pm (Los Angeles)

Sun 19 Sept 4.45pm (New York)

Sun 19 Sept 9:45 PM (London)

Mon 20 Sept 6:45 AM Sydney (AEST)

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