Spiritual Luminary Consultations

Align with your highest expression in your sphere of influence.

Isira works with a limited number of spiritual and conscious thought leaders of high influence and impact. These individuals are on the cutting edge of evolving the consciousness of our planet and ushering in a new paradigm of sacred living all across the globe.

If you are selected to have a Spiritual Luminary Consultation with Isira, she will support you in aligning with your highest expression in your sphere of influence.

From a place of deep wisdom, drawn from ancient indigenous and cultural knowledge and numerous spiritual traditions, she will support you to clarify your intention for your work in the world and inspire you to step fully into your role as a pioneer of this new paradigm.

Isira will help steer you powerfully forward as she offers you insight and intuitive guidance to help you navigate past any perceived limitations. In this place of a free mind, you will be empowered to fulfill your highest purpose and create your maximum conscious impact!

“Contribution” for Spiritual Luminary Consultations

Giving from a place of gifting and generosity

Isira donates a tremendous amount of her time and spiritual teaching to serving numerous people, causes, and organizations. The limited number of Spiritual Luminary Consultations she offers are essential to provide part of the financial resourcing that is necessary to run the organisation.

Currently, we live in a “transactional,” capitalist economy based on “supply and demand.” Isira and a number of other spiritual visionaries are pioneering a new, more evolved paradigm that is coming to be known as a “gifting economy.” 

As such, there is no set “fee.” Instead of making a “payment,” we invite you to “give” or offer a “gift” for your consultation based on this new paradigm.

Our suggestion for how you determine your “gift” is to ask yourself, “How do I value what I received from this Spiritual Luminary Consultation with Isira? What do I feel guided to contribute based on the financial resources available to me?” 

As a guideline, we suggest that gifting begins at $1000. We encourage you to do so as guided by your heart and a consciousness of generosity, prosperity and abundance.”

We thank you so much for the contribution you choose to make.

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Spiritual Luminary Consultations

Are you interested in applying to participate in Isira’s Spiritual Luminary Consultations?

If so, please fill in your name, email and mobile (cell) number below. After you fill in this form you will receive a confirmation email. We will be back in touch with you if a consultation time becomes available. 

In the meantime if you have any questions please email us on support@isira.com.

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