We are the ReGeneration

Look around us and we see conflict and challenges in every direction: politically, socially, environmentally; mental health, immigration, the rise of populism, fake news, consumerism, addiction, climate crisis. In many ways it appears the fabric of our world is disintegrating.

In the midst of this is the uprising of activism, woke-ism, virtue signalling, dissent, and… some deep soul searching.




It is evident things are not working as well as we might wish. Perhaps we have more than suspected this for quite some time. Yet now more than ever it has become strikingly apparent, that the systems and constructs we have created for ourselves are simply not sustainable. There is unrest. An undercurrent of volatility and instability. Things are unravelling. And along with it, a growing rate of anxiety, anger, and hopelessness.




We may feel as if everything is collapsing. But perhaps everything is reshaping. Perhaps this is the power of truth at work. Because we cannot sustain a life based on lies; a world of division, a world in opposition to its true nature. We are being called home – to truth. And so it is, that in order to live in truth, all that is false must first be dismantled. This is not a process of annihilation. It is one of resurrection. We are simply shedding the false, unsustainable construct that has prevented us from living in the glory of truth. Transform we must.

When we look more closely, we see these societal-symptoms reflect a great wave of awakening. 

We are indeed re-awakening. 

Our individual and shared suffering is compelling us to strip back the veils of ignorance and complacency, to stare into the face of all that is disrupted, to rise up with conscious acknowledgment and stride towards the vision we all hold in our hearts. 




There is a new generation of people re-emerging. A new generation who, in a myriad of ways, are all echoing the indigenous wisdom of old. Calling us home, to our true values, to ourselves.

No longer will we be siloed. We are the environmentalists. The young activists. The carers. The educators. The healers. The do-gooders. The elders. The campaigners. The parents. The communities. We are all part of a new generation helping to fix our broken relationships: with ourselves, our communities, the natural world and the universe at large.   




Whether we were born into the GI, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials or Gen Z, we are all part of an unstoppable wave. 

We are defined not by our age, our sector, our background or political persuasion, but by our values, our purpose and our example. We are helping to regenerate our world, through kindness and compassion.




Nothing can separate us.   We seek to reclaim a better life and a better world.

In our own way, we each are seeking to recover all that has been lost. To restore the values we can all share. To reconnect to our most essential selves, rekindle respectful, caring relationships, rewrite our narratives, reunite in common purpose, redress our education, regenerate our natural world, reform our political and social systems. We want to re-dream and re-create our reality.



We are the ReGeneration.

As we unite, we are empowered. For it is in the power of our unity – as the ReGeneration – that we will create the change we seek to be. Not divided. Not separate, isolated efforts any more. But as one.

#ReGeneration #WeAreRegeneration

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