This is us… our world. All in the name of convenience.

We are literally swimming in the toxic soup of our own shortsighted, irresponsible, filthy greed. But the greatest tragedy is not just that we are doing this to ourselves, but that we are doing it to ALL life on earth.

We have been sold the story (and all it’s products) of convenience. But why has this been such a vigorous, successful sweep across the world? Why are we so attached to ‘convenience’? And why are we promoting it as the ultimate achievement of our modern civilization? As something so desirable. Aren’t we at risk of continuing the same cycle because we are still blindly caught in a symptom?

We have known for a very long time that our ‘convenience’ is unsustainable – and here we are, still smothering the earth with our shit. Our hunger for convenience stems from a much deeper issue: we are time poor. We need things now and we want it as easily as possible. And we want it all. We want want want.

Because we are deprived in spirit. Because we are suffering a deep amnesia – our dispossession from land, nature, earth and all her freely given provisions. We have been ensnared in a web of lies, ownership and control for aeons.

The craziness of our society is escalating at a pace we can barely keep up with. And so, in the spinning madness of our hamster-wheel-life, we are desperate for ‘ease’. We do not realise that this ‘ease’ (convenience) is an imposter – a deflection, distracting us from the real causes of our horrendous dis-ease.

In order to rid ourselves of our convenience and consumer addictions we are going to have to reform the very structure and mindset of our societies.

It doesn’t happen over night, but it does start with us, with each individual. It starts with the journey to the root of our problems. We have to get to the cause. Only then can we uproot the deep seated habits we create and occupy collectively and change the way we produce, consume and waste.

💛 It starts with you.

💛 Go to the heart of you.

💛 Reconnect with life.

💛 Restore your spirit, and naturally you will find yourself slowing down and wanting less.

💛 May you realise the abundant source within YOU.

One Life, One Love.


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