Is there a hidden gift in the Coronavirus pandemic

We have entered a time of unprecedented crisis. We have gone from an escalating push to acknowledge the imminent collapse of our environment to global pandemic, the unraveling of our systems – economic, health, social.

The warning signs have been with us for a long time. And, here’s what happens when we don’t heed the alarm bells. When we don’t preemptively and proactively seek to change the course we are on. Like a person whose health is in rapid decline, continuing to do the same thing that causes the illness. There comes a tipping point: crisis, collapse. And so here we are. We, collectively, are that patient. So too is the earth. Our planet is sick, made ill by our own wanton destruction and unsustainable living. And so, as an intrinsically interconnected being, we are sick.

It is as if we have entered the dark night of the soul. Having wandered so far off course, so far from our self, from nature, from alignment with the natural laws, we have found ourselves in the depths of conflict that such disconnection creates.

It is as if earth has sent us all to our rooms to think about what we have done. We have been forced into ‘isolation’ and ‘social distancing’. Yet really, we have been forced into the now. Pushed back into ourselves. Pulled to a screaming halt with nowhere to go but here. With no option but to ask ourselves, who are we, what have we done, why is this happening, what is going to happen next? We are gripped by such uncertainty that we are momentarily scrambled. We are anxious, grief stricken. But herein lies the gift. 

Everything we thought we could rely on has either been stripped away or is at great risk. And it is only when faced again with the truth of our impermanence that we begin to question our priorities and our values. We start to reassess our lives. We contemplate the meaning of ourselves and the things that matter most. And we realise that we cannot take this life for granted. We look back at the road behind us. We ask ourselves – how did we get here? This is a good thing. Because everything we are experiencing now was first just imagined. It is the result of our previous (and existing) beliefs, priorities and actions. This is our opportunity to look deeply into cause and effect – to consider how we created this unsustainable world, how our previous actions contributed to this mess, and therefore, to recognise clearly the world we DO want to live in. It sometimes takes a crisis of unprecedented order to usher in true change.

This is our opportunity. This is our time.

YOU have known change was needed for so long. You may have secretly wished the world would just stop. Perhaps you have wondered how the hell you could get off this nightmarish wheel. Despite suffering, you have held a vision of a different world in your heart and soul. A world of loving connections, deep relations, sacredness and reverence for all life. A life that sustains well-being for all. A world of regeneration, of shared joy, freedom, meaning and fulfillment for all.

And you, what ‘you’ truly are is here. You are consciousness, spirit, life force. You are this which has always been here and always will be. Despite the coming and going of events, things being born and dying – you remain. This ‘you’ is the creative force through which the next moment arises. Now is the opportunity to reconnect with your true self. To reconnect with nature, with life as it truly is. Now is your opportunity to bring forward the vision you hold, the one we share – of unity, of a world regenerated.

This is your time. This is our time. We are the activists, the scientists, environmentalists, changemakers, mothers, fathers, teachers, healers… We are all united by this time of great possibility, to usher in a new world. We seek to re-dream, restore, rewrite, reinvent our lives. No matter where we are from, what our age…. Nothing can separate us. We are united in our cause for change, no matter what generation we were born into. We are all part of an unstoppable wave. A new generation. The ReGeneration. 

This is it. Our time is NOW. 

Our regeneration starts here. It starts with reconnecting to our self, our loved ones, communities and the world around us. It starts with an open heart and deep listening, that we may be guided to take gentle steps on earth, that we may learn to give back to her, to each other. It starts with each little step of loving kindness and reverence for life. It starts with you and me. This is our time. 


One Love, One Life.




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