How Can You Respond To A Crisis?

Respond to a Crisis

How Can We Respond to a Crisis?
Our current crises can seem overwhelming

It is understandable that you and many people are feeling overwhelmed in the face of the current crises that we are in. How can you respond to a crisis when we have experienced so many disruptions over a relatively short period of time, yet in many regards, they have been left unmet.

We haven’t really addressed the conflicts and challenges we are experiencing in our world, because we haven’t understood the root causes. And consequently, we continue to struggle against the symptoms, finding no real solutions.

Currently, the world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic, a climate crisis, economic catastrophes in multiple countries, chronic food shortages and health crises, humanitarian and racial crises, as well as ongoing violence, conflict and wars…

So how can you respond to a crisis?

The Mountain Syndrome: When Crisis Seems Overwhelming:

When we are faced with large-scale challenges our mind struggles to find solutions. The problems grow larger and larger to the point that we feel we are faced with an unscalable mountain. This points to a very common part of the human psyche; the mind takes a snapshot of the whole thing yet in doing so loses sight of the immediate solution. A solution seems unattainable.

It’s what I call the mountain syndrome. All you can see is the mountain. You are overwhelmed by the size of it. You feel: that’s impossible, I can’t climb that mountain. You feel defeated before even attempting to scale it. Yet if you were able to pause and shift your attention, you might recognise that every mountain is climbed one step at a time. And that every step begins right here, right now, right where we are.

We Can Respond By Coming Back To The Truth Of Ourselves

If we come back to the truth of ourselves, and where we are, we can recognise that we are always and only in the ‘now’ We are always here, in the ground of being. Everything unfolds from right here, where we are grounded in each moment. This is where everything emerges from.

It’s from here that we have the power to act. This is where change comes from. It is all dependant, on how we position ourselves right here right now, and how we respond to this moment.

Our Response Can Change Our Future

It’s from being centred and grounded in the here and now that we can respond to a crisis. This is what creates the ripple effect. Everything arises from this moment. Our thoughts, the way we situate ourselves, our actions, our behaviours, our intentions. All these are moving out from this moment, and growing into a larger field, influencing our future and generating results. If we do wish to respond to any challenge, then we must reclaim our trust in this. We must know that it is from right here, this moment, that we can and are making a difference.

When We Don’t Respond To A Crisis We Can Feel Overwhelmed

When we lose sight of this, then we don’t act. Then we feel even more disempowered. We look back at all these missed moments and feel even more overwhelmed because we have accumulated too many unmet issues and challenges.

You Do Have The Power To Respond To A Crisis

The truth is: you and every single one of us do have the power to face these crises. We hold the power to climb the mountain. Keep reminding yourself. How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time. That’s how you can respond to a crisis, even though it can seem enormous and insurmountable. One step at a time. Be here. Be consciously here and respond, with each and every moment.

Look how many people have climbed Mount Everest, one step at a time. Look how many great things have been accomplished in the world one small step at a time.

It all begins here. This is what we have.

We are the bearers of consciousness. And within us is the power to respond. We are each taking one step at a time. Now let’s do it consciously, and, with love. For it is with this love that together, we can move mountains.

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