A change in leadership

All of us have been watching our world shaking and trembling under the tyranny of unconscious egoic measures and the weight of a few corrupt leaders. Perhaps now we are being shaken into awakefulness. It seems that, not only are we recognizing the need to wake up and to change our views but that we, the people, need to command leadership that truly represents a broader vision and common ground for a world of greater harmony and equality.

We have watched our world leaders with a sense of growing trepidation. But perhaps that trepidation has demanded we call on a new leadership: a leadership that is worthy of our investment.

Why? Because we are all needed to make the change, for the work to be done. Ultimately the growing concern of our global crisis is not a matter that rests just on the hope of one new leader, or even a collective of new leaders. Rather it is a question of leadership.

Yet who or what is to truly lead us in the right direction?

We are the people of the world……yet are we conscious of what is happening around us every day? Are we conscious of our actions? Are we conscious of their effect? Conscious of our world heading toward an abyss?  Conscious of the imbalances of this world growing from one day to the next?

It has been said we are the custodians of earth and all of its creatures. But what kind of a world are we leaving to future generations of humankind – and how will they reflect on us? Will they reflect that we were the generation who still had the chance to stop the destruction of our planet and each other? That we failed to awaken? Failed to act? Failed to lead a better life? Will WE (each one of us) leave it still in the hands of the illusive unconscious ‘them’?

That we dominantly view each other as separate entities only continues to drive our divisive behaviours, our violations and our lack of responsibility towards each other and the environment. To continue to place the responsibility outside of ourselves, upon one individual or a small number of individuals will be like trying to steer a wild plane to safe landing whilst only looking through a couple of pinpricks. Every one of us must open our eyes and take responsibility.

Until now the ego has been the source of our temporal pleasure and pain. We have placed the blame outside of ourself. And all the while the ego has been the dominant leader. We have given it so much power and authority that we have looked to it for the answers to even our most important problems. Yet the true answers we seek can only come from our deeper conscious awareness.

Awakened consciousness is our true leader.

In conscious awareness we are no longer separate individuals, but a collective, interconnected whole. And with this awareness we are all empowered with what is needed to lead our own part – responsibly, and with love.

With this awakening we unveil our true capacity and the colours of human greatness: compassion; loving-kindness, equal rights, respect, and constructive change for growth. We uncover our largely untapped potential for true hope, courage, transcendence and higher vision even when faced with the greatest adversities. Underneath our fears lie our one common voice and our true governing and unifying spirit.

I see that we are now faced with a choice: love or fear. We must make a conscious shift – from our unconscious behaviours to awakened awareness. We must awaken humanity, and in so doing place the duty of leadership in the heart of consciousness. The only way to change the world for the better is by lifting up the consciousness and the heart of all people. When critical mass is achieved more politicians will have to follow and the businessmen will then follow. That is when real change will begin.

‘Consciousness’ is the key word – and the only one that really matters. Let us become conscious of our responsibility toward the future of humanity and earth. Let us indeed save the future of humanity – of ourselves and the world we share. It is the simple power, the living essence of consciousness in every one of us that will change our world for the better. It is this, which is the foundation of true strength that will raise us up and lead us to a better world.

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