Awakening Holistically

We live in a society that conditions us to believe that we are separate from each other, and the world around us. And, because of this framing, our awakening experiences have been orientated towards the individual “self.” 

In focusing our awakening on the individual self, we may become lost in the abstract of the transcendent experience, and struggle to bring our realisations into a fully embodied experience. 

The invitation of holistic awakening and being the ReGeneration is to shift our orientation and way of living. To expand our focus beyond the individual self, bring our realisations fully into the world and connect with life as a whole. 

Isira invites you to not just BE Spiritual, but to experience, express, act and LIVE Spiritual and restore sacred living. We can do this by awakening holistically and being the ReGeneration.

LIVE Spiritual and restore Sacred Living

The call is for us to LIVE spiritual. Our focus can no longer be just on ourselves. We need to expand our focus to the whole, to our collective experience. From here we can bring this expanded realisation from our inner realm into the world all around us, in every way.

To LIVE spiritual is about being conscious in all we do. It’s about bringing love and connection through being and responding, living and intending, acting and creating so we can restore sacred living.

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