What has money got to do with spirituality?

Let’s talk about money. It’s a topic that most often hits an uncomfortable chord. Especially when it comes to spirituality. Isn’t it worth wondering why? Why, when money is one of the tools we have adopted within our life? In fact it is one of the most central tools that occupies us every day and is intrinsically woven into every experience we have.

First of all, let’s take an objective look at this thing we call money.

Money, like all other ‘things’ we use in this world is simply a tool.

A tool through which we create and generate experiences.

Metaphorically the tool represents energy.

We use money as a tool to measure and exchange energy… again, to create and generate experiences.

WHAT we create or generate with money, however, is significantly determined by another intrinsic tool.



Our beliefs are tools we use every single moment every single day to flavour and shape what we create and experience.

And, we use the tool of our beliefs to operate every other tool.

Depending on our beliefs we will both interpret and use the tools we are given in a variety of ways, ranging from divisive, resentful and destructive, to creative, supportive and uniting.

So if we are willing to accept it’s okay to use the money tool for football, fashion and all things transient and frivolous why are we so challenged to use the tool for spiritual things that lead to more lasting fulfillment?

If we remember again that money is the primary tool we currently have to exchange energy – to create and generate experiences – wouldn’t we want to generate more life supporting and spiritually uplifting experiences? Wouldn’t we want to give abundant energy to the people and things that support our journey of enlivening and awakening? For when we are uplifted in spirit, we want to give and love and behave compassionately towards each other and thus create a more harmonious world. So wouldn’t we want to give AND receive – gratefully – for all that seeks to make the world a better place?

Therefore given that we all share the same vision of a better world of greater peace and well-being, understanding and being aware of our beliefs, and particularly our belief around spirituality and money, could be one of the single most important matters to address in our lives.

So where can you begin?

First: make it your clear recognition that EVERYTHING you are using in this world is a tool – a tool to generate and encounter experiences.

Second: be very clear about the type of experiences you WANT to generate.

Third: assess your belief system. Does your belief system SUPPORT a productive use of the tools which will help you manifest the experiences you WANT to create?

How can you have a healthy relationship with the money tool?

Re-establish your beliefs about money.

Every destructive belief CAN be released. You were not born with the belief. You picked it up… so you can let it go.

YOU are not the belief. The belief is merely a tool. It is up to you which belief and tool you choose to use and how you are going to use it.

Some practical steps:

Write down your feelings and beliefs about money.

Carefully look at each one. How does it really look? How does it feel? How does it flavour and shape the way you receive, use or give money?

Now write down the things and experiences you want in your life. Recognise the relationship the money tool has as a part of manifesting these goals.

Ask yourself how you feel about using money for this experience. What is the feeling and belief you are holding? Does it support you to receive or create this experience?

Now ask yourself: what is the best belief that SUPPORTS a constructive relationship between my beliefs, money and the desired experience?

Ask this question for EACH experience you want to generate.

Adopt the feeling of the belief that best supports abundant manifestation with ease and grace.

Some last tips…

The most powerful and positive feeling you can adopt and use for a positive and abundant relationship with the money tool is:


The second most powerful and positive feeling you can adopt and use for a positive and abundant relationship with the money tool is:


If you learn to see that money – being energy – can have the flavour of LOVE and GRATITUDE, you will have a journey of ease, grace and abundance. Everything you choose to generate and experience will be touched with love.

Pay those bills? I LOVE to! I am GRATEFUL that I have these commodities to make my life comfortable.

Want to create a new project? I am filled with so much LOVE it just seems to happen! I am GRATEFUL that I can be of purpose.

Want to read a spiritual book? I LOVE buying such a gift for myself! I am GRATEFUL for the inspirations that help me live a better life.

Want to help the world be a better place? I LOVE giving money to organisations committed to making the world a better place! I am GRATEFUL for the work that others do and the opportunity I have to contribute to a better world.

Want to feel nurtured? I LOVE paying the therapist for her giving, supporting energy! I am GRATEFUL for the healing and uplifting energy I receive.

So you see… money is not a problem… it is a tool.

Nor are your beliefs a problem. They would only be a problem if you were stuck with them. But, you are not. It really is up to you to choose which tools you hold in your heart, your hand and your mind.

May they all taste of LOVE and GRATITUDE!


FOR love



for all


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