What Is Truth?

Everything in the universe, by its own nature is truth. It is as it is.

How simple and peaceful life can really be when we comprehend this.

Yet the human nature seems to want so much to define and make concrete concepts of what is ‘true’ or ‘false’. This is at the core of dualistic perception and is the basis for a great amount of our conflicts. As such we live in a world of turmoil and fear. The sense of separation inherent in this polarised perception only serves to enhance our fear of the unknown and dread of mortality. It makes it quite understandable then that most people have a deep need to discover what is ‘true’. It is one of our most commonly shared quests. Everyone is looking for some version of truth.

Throughout our searching we may not even realise how much we shape our perception of existence – we may even be part of shaping the universe – but even so, it all is, simply as it is.

Our definition of truth relates to the way in which each of us perceives our self and the world. Quantum physics also reveals that the observer is playing a direct part in determining the object that is observed. How the observer sees influences how the object is manifesting.

We may also distinguish between subjective truth and what I call abiding truth. Subjective truth relates to a given moment and how it is perceived by any individual or collective of people. It is subject to variety, and to change. Although it may be true to one it may not be true to another. And although it may be true in one moment in another it may not be.

Abiding truth points to the fundamental nature of continuing laws. At a deeper level it is an abiding truth that how the world appears is changing from one moment to the next and that the only constant is the moment of now. Our perception of these variants depends on our own degree of awareness and conscious presence. The state of our consciousness (or mind) determines what we are able to perceive. This results in the variations of truth that appear to cause humans such confusion. The fact that truth can be determined by, or perceived through a state of mind gives a profound insight into why the world appears so diverse even though at its deepest core it is all the very same essence. Look how many minds there are! What is even more wondrous is that in actuality these minds are not really individual or separate – they are the many portals of the one self manifesting in form – they are the many viewing points of the one great conscious being!

It is also very good reason to accept and embrace the diversity of paths we are taking – mostly in the same quest – yet framed in different ways. To argue against any individual’s process for understanding their self, life or the universe (or God) is in opposition to the ‘suchness’ that is life. It is also irrelevant when it IS the work of the ONE infinite self.

Some schools of thought discuss the matter of Truth in relation to permanence and non-permanence: Truth is that which always remains – anything that passes cannot be true. However, this is more so a question of fundamental essence and is very relevant when addressing the question ‘who’ am I? Who is the ‘True’ self?

It is in the very nature of manifestation that the transient world is a vehicle for expression. This does not make it false. It is true as it is in each moment. However it is not inherently ‘real’, permanent or fixed – it is but a dream. If we have attached our identification to it (such as the body-mind) – and confined our perception of our self to something with time related boundaries – then we have developed a false identity of self.

To ‘realise’ our true self requires us to be awakefully aware of the Self that has always been – the consciousness behind, within and preceding all transient events AND awakefully present to the transient vehicle – the play of manifestation as it is in the NOW – moment to moment. This is what the sages mean when they say self- realisation is the play of the self, awake in the dream.

However, it is more common to spend most of our time looking through the
impressions of the mind. And to a great extent without much conscious awareness. Consequently we do not even see life as it actually is. Instead we are most often projecting mental images onto an event. We are disconnected from the truth of our inner being (our essential eternal self) and the moment, living a life of illusions: imagining and believing that we and everything else is something other than what it actually is – we are asleep – lost in the dream.

Free of our analytical mind we are able to be present to the myriad of life as
‘suchness’. When we are consciously engaging with this ‘suchness’ we experience profound joy and freedom. We simply see and ‘know’ things as they are. We are in an open and receptive state, encountering the universe as it appears. We are also a conscious participant – able to engage without the projections of definition.

Through stilling the mind we may transcend its projections and attain a deeper state of consciousness. With this state we become centred in the moment, observing simply what is. We see with innocent eyes, free of past projections or future imaginations. In this way we begin to see the true nature of our self and of life around us. We awaken within the dream. Not only do we become a conscious participant… we realise we are the consciousness and the Truth within all things.

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