Wake up and be conscious

Do you often feel like your life is out of your control?

If you answer yes to this, which if we are honest, most people would, then you may be

looking for: consciousness!

Most people live life day in day out feeling like a mouse in a wheel that they have no control

over. Our world lives in such a fast pace and high demand to fulfil the roles that society

insists on that most people live life in a blur, a whirlwind of determination entangled in


We seem driven by behaviours, needs and beliefs that we don’t even understand, and perhaps

that we don’t even like. Yet still we live our life through them. It most often seems that life

controls us, or that life’s circumstances are all put on to us. The bottom line is, most people

feel disempowered and lacking control. This pattern is what spiritually (and humanly!) can be

called unconscious. It’s when we don’t see how we are creating our reality. It’s when our

conditioned beliefs about life are so deep that they are not noticed, yet they create our

experience without us realising.

As long as we keep rolling around the same wheel in this way our life is dissatisfying, painful

and fraught with fear. We keep hoping that life will change. We even try to change other

people or the world. But the only thing we can change is our self…the way we see and

respond to the world. Along with that comes a significant change in our experience of the

world. But that requires a shift.

The one and only thing that finally shifts this is…consciousness. This means that we make a

more aware connection to our self and our life. This means we stop to pay attention. But that

attention is not outward. It is inward. Through our observation of our inner reality we can see

how our outer reality is formed. This means that our view is opened up to deeper reflection

and greater possibilities. It means that we begin to see the inner world of our thoughts, beliefs

and behaviours that create our outer experience of life. And, it means that our box of

limitations can finally have the lid opened, like Pandora’s box!

Each of us has a box. It’s the sub-conscious field in which our perception of reality is stored –

like a computer program. The fact that we are mostly unaware of our stored programs is what

makes our life so unconscious. It seems crazy that we would ever choose most of the

experiences we do. Sadly the truth is we do. But the problem is we are doing that

unconsciously. So, if we seek to take true control of our life, we have to develop conscious


This can be as simple as stopping for 5 minutes three times a day and being silent. In that

silence is the opportunity to reflect. In reflecting you can look at the events and how you have

behaved, become aware of your feelings and beliefs and see how they are affecting your life

and attracting your circumstances. This is a simple meditation that will open you to the

journey of conscious awareness. The more we cultivate this practice the more aware we

become. The more aware we become the more conscious we are of our inner programs. And

with this conscious awareness comes a powerful change. By paying attention, we begin to see

our choice – that our experience of life is created by our beliefs, perceptions and attitude.

This puts us in a position of empowerment. It means we can change, that we have choice.

We have the choice to adopt thoughts and beliefs that are resourceful, that bring us loving

relationships, creative ventures and success. And we have the choice to let go of limiting

beliefs. But without conscious awareness our hopes and dreams remain just that, a sad lonely

dream that we never seem to be able to reach.

At first it can be frightening to become conscious to the destructive beliefs we have had. But

the truth is, without that, life will just go on the same way. With conscious awareness we

have a connection to the higher purpose, to the bigger picture of our life. From that view we

can recognise that whatever we are facing is just a process of change. By facing our

limitations consciously we can truly allow the process of release for new growth to come.

With the release, the breaking down of our limiting structure, we can finally be open to

welcome one that serves us in a truly loving, creative, powerful and joyful way. With

conscious awareness we can make our dreams real.

So, why wait? Wake up and get conscious!



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