Tools of growth

Fundamentally, negative feelings are an inner signal for us – alerting us to the fact that we need to change the way we are approaching our life situation. And this can happen even when we have positive focus in our life. Why? Because we are constantly growing and must continually expand the way we think and respond to life.

That means even with positive thinking we may be approaching a situation with an out-moded model of beliefs or ideas and it simply won’t work for the situation that we must grow into. And in each of these situations a negative feeling is simply the signal of our soul telling us we are too limited with our approach. This points to the limitations that are inherently associated with the polarity of both ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ perception.

With clear perception we are able to stay in an open and receptive state. In this openness we can feel and listen to the negative feeling and approach it in a different manner. Instead of validating the limited feeling and thinking that it is actually bad and undesirable we can see that it is an essential tool for our growth. These negative feelings help to steer our course of growth. We can instead ask our self – what is this feeling telling me? What is it showing me? In this state it is much easier to see that the feeling is simply reminding us that we need to find a different and new approach to the situation.

You can help yourself shift to this state whenever you notice negative feelings by simply asking yourself:

How can I see this differently?

How can I approach this differently?

Each time you notice negative feelings, begin to see them as your helpers asking you to grow. You will be very surprised at how easily and readily new ways of seeing and responding will simply appear. The limited energy you have experienced as negative will act very quickly and powerfully as a transformer when you welcome it. It is only when we resist the negative feelings and treat them as undesirable that we remain trapped in a loop of suffering. Life wants us to grow. Even our negative feelings are conspiring with the universe for this growth! Not only does this shift of perception free us from many frustrations, it opens our eyes to see that there really is perfection in every thing in every moment. EVERY thing is of purpose.

This brings another level of liberation for us. Just imagine how much energy you will have available if you can welcome the purpose and process of negative feelings in your life rather than constantly trying to get rid of them?

Really, it is an unrealistic and unachievable goal to get rid of negative feelings. What a waste of energy! It is much more realistic and achievable to use them for the purpose they are designed: to continue growing. Indeed we are always growing.

With love,

From life to life,


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