The truth within us


Within the heart and mind of each of us there is a deep desire (even if secretly!) to attain the quality of peace, freedom and love. We aspire to reach the pinnacle of our expression as a human being – alive with spirit, feeling home and at one with creation.

Whether we want to refer to this as Enlightenment, to know Truth or simply to be fully alive, it is a goal worthy of our focussed attention. After all, given a choice, who would keep on suffering the pitfalls of the deluded mind that slam dances with life? Don’t we all truly long for a dance of ecstatic love, sweet joy and deeply satiating quietude? This possibility is not out of our reach. We do have a choice. We can have a waltz with life.

Peace, love and freedom is our true nature. Yet most people do not encounter this as their life experience. Having identified so deeply with the belief of separation, the perception of our true Self has been externalised as if it is out of reach. And consequently we continually slam into the blocks of our illusions and dysfunctional attitude to life.

Nonetheless, despite all of our limitations, it is simply the truth: that freedom and peace, love and joy, wisdom and truth, in their highest capacity, are awaiting within the heart of every being to be remembered, embraced, embodied and celebrated.

Yet typically this truth seems elusive for most people with efforts resulting in frustration and disillusionment. Inevitably transforming the belief of separation is required in order that we may truly return our attention to the source of truth within us. Sadly, these efforts are largely directed by the mind. And if we keep following the path of the mind we feel our efforts are all pointless – because the mind cannot reveal what is true. Only our innermost being that is free of the mind can reveal our true Self. It requires us to turn from concepts to our innermost being. It requires us to reclaim our inner being as the source of insight. It requires that we renounce the belief of separation.

As we look within we enter a different dimension of seeing. We enter the presence of conscious awareness which unleashes inner vision – insight. With insight comes true and authentic feeling. With authentic feeling comes experience. And with experience comes knowing. With the experience of knowing, doubts and rejection of our self as love and peace dissolve.

It does require our commitment and application. For what we are letting go of are deeply rooted habits of limited beliefs and the compulsion to keep looking outside of our self. And it is well worth the effort. For self-gain, and the experience of awakening in one’s own process is something that no single circumstance or person can ever take away – nor can any individual give it to us. AND it is so great and immeasurable in its joy, love and peace. What ever appeared as suffering no longer holds relevance when we enter self-realisation.

It is within the authenticity of our own realisation that we transcend all doubts and remember that which we are. We discover that what we were seeking is and always will be within us. Yet without this experience the question always remains. This is why there are so many seekers and so few finders, because we have been subtly (and obviously!) taught dependency on someone else’s experience. So even though we may hear or read truth over and over from a living Master and think that by their grace, if we are devoted enough, we will gain the blessing of liberation, the deep doubt and uncertainty remains and the true placement of our power to awaken is misplaced. So it is not the signpost (the teahcer) of the truth that sets us free. It is our own exploration of where the sign post is pointing – to our inner-most being – that leads us to experience and KNOW truth that sets us free.

I therefore speak of the great importance to hold a deep degree of healthy discernment when seeking any guidance for your tools to Self Awakening. Unless the Master is clearly advocating a path of direct communion – tools that cultivate a trust and deep connection with the innate wisdom, enlightenment and awareness within your own being, there is reason to have caution. Any relationship that fosters worship or “dependenceship” upon their powers or illumination is, in part, a procrastination to your own self-realisation. However a relationship that fosters self-enquiry through an “apprenticeship” of tools that leads to your own Mastery is to be cherished as an immeasurable gift. The nature of this is one of a journey, not a destination. As long as there is any excess focus on a destination there will again be a disengagement from the source of the awakening itself – which is the power of self presence in the now. The HOW is always in the NOW. For the now is the looking glass of Truth.


In Loving Oneness,





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