The self we are – Transcendant and Imminant

If what we truly are and what we seek already ‘is’, if our true nature is already the liberated Self, then why do we ‘need’ to do anything? Why are we always seeking?

Does this question sound familiar to you?

It’s certainly a question I have heard many times. And it is a question worth exploring and understanding more deeply. It is a question that may lead us to a greater embrace of what it means to be spiritual.

Typically, each seeker is on the quest to attain awakening – a quest to arrive at the place that is one of absolute being: freedom, love, oneness. But the effort to get somewhere else implies we are trying to get away from what we are. It points to the erroneous belief that we, our self, are not what we are seeking, that somehow, we need to become something else. We perceive our self and what we seek to be as separate realities. We are stuck in a mind of subjective perspectives. While we are immersed in this subjective field, all we can see is contrasting reflections – a polarised view of the world. Consequently, it feels and looks as if separation is real. This is what drives the notion that we must somehow get to or return to oneness.

But the ironic truth is this: we are ‘oneness’ already! Therefore, we cannot attain what already is. What is the seeker supposed to think now? If this is so, why are we not truly knowing and experiencing oneness in each and every moment? Why are we so driven by all this seeking?

Existence and truth are indeed absolute. But we only experience life subjectively and relatively. Truth is considered to be something transcendant – beyond us. It is thought that we must become something other to be enlightened or to attain the gift of oneness and divinity. We mistakenly believe that our subjective experience is devoid of the divine or somehow tainted and separated from wholeness and perfection. Consequently, we are forever trying to fix everything in our subjective world. We are bound to our erroneous beliefs and along with it the pain and suffering of our fears and judgments.

Yet this subjective realm we are experiencing is a field of context. It is an expression of all that is. It is the manifesting nature of the absolute. And, as a manifest experience, we perceive life through polarities. Our experiences are lived through this dynamic state of contrasts. Without these contrasts there is no experience. And without this dualistic apparition, the infinite potential of the universe cannot be fulfilled or experienced; this includes the wonder of living and feeling love, freedom, joy and oneness as much as separation, sorrow and pain. If we look deeply enough, we can see that we are meant to be having the subjective experience – not attempting to transcend it. This is the tool of creation. This is the very dynamic through which creation (God, divinity) is made alive.

Understanding this turns the direction of our seeking on its head. It means that instead of trying to get somewhere else, we can stop right where we are. We can surrender into deep presence with what is – right here!

By surrendering to what is simply here, we enter the state of being. And along with this ‘beingness’ is a ‘seeingness’ of our true nature – a seeing of the light and divinity that is already here within us, within each moment. We see that God – the Divine – is imminant.

As we begin to witness again the true nature of our self, of life, we enter a state of acceptance. This allows ‘that which is’ to emerge from within us. The love, peace and wholeness that is our being radiates through us and emanates into the world around us. Through being present with ‘what is’ we begin to infuse the world with divinity. This is what it means to be spiritual.

This is the quest: to infuse our life with the qualities of our true nature, to bring joy to each moment, to give love to every living thing, to feel peace with all that is, to be truly in our power, and to know all IS one.

Through our seeking we are driven to be consciously present and aligned with our true nature –and ultimately, to regain a conscious alignment with our transcendant Self. But not somewhere else. Not in a place beyond us. Instead we make it alive, in our here and now. In each of these moments we bring the gift of true joy into the world. We fill our subjective experience with something that is unconditional, something that transcends our usually limited perceptions of polarised happiness and sorrow – the pervasive wheel of suffering – and instead we awaken to the game of divinity within our life. As such it is not that the field of context is erased. Pain versus joy does not disappear. But rather we see it for what it truly is: the field of experience. Each appearing aspect is the one. And in order to experience life as it is, what appears as contrasting is essential. When we see it in this way, we are no longer in conflict with it. We release our self from our attachments and aversions, and we live in a state of oneness with all as it is. We discover that the transcendent is already here, in our subjective realm of experience.

So rather than trying to get out of the subjective world to get to some transcendant realm, it is our opportunity to enter ever more deeply into existence as it is, in order to make the transcendant an imminant experience.

We are born and created to feel the power of God – our infinite consciousness – as something which is alive. We are born to feel. We are born to experience and pursue the smorgasbord of feelings, to partake from the bounty of endless experiences that is our very self – our infinite self – making itself alive in this subjective world of form.

The dance of the subjective world is the very tool of the eternal self. For this which appears subjective is never ending. Each moment emerges from the previous and falls into the next, forever enfolded in the absolute presence of the ever constant now. It is through this that we can fulfil the experience of eternal love. This is the gift: to be able to reach for our self, to touch our self, to meet and see our self, from every possible angle. In every moment, in every face, in every encounter. When we realise this, we truly enter the game. We enter the mystery. We surrender the fight, the futile attempts to explain the mystery, to fix it or solve it. We simply become the dance. We are transfixed as a lover of the beloved. Transfixed by the magic, the wonder, the miracle that is our Self – alive, alight and imminent in every moment!


One Love, One Life.




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