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The ‘fullness’ we seek in life is not found in the business and fullness of our world. The resource for our true fullness is found in the gift of emptiness. This emptiness that the sages have spoken of for eons is really not something so mystical and unattainable. However it does require us to go to a different place to meet it. It requires us to go to the cave: the cave of consciousness. It requires us to withdraw from the ‘fullness’ of our life’s activities and retreat into stillness.

Although I am blessed to live in a deeply centred state I still understand the importance of sustaining this practice in my own life. I just had 2 months of Self retreat. Naturally many people feel that is something impossible to create in their busy world. Even so, life already models itself around many cycles of retreat. All we need to do is re-align with these for our life to take a change for the better. It is only due to the fact that we ignore these cycles (which are imperative in sustaining balance) that most people’s lives are so out of balance.

Starting with small retreats into the cave is simple. All we need to do is take the time each day to withdraw from all outer activity and self-reflect, for us to gain a deeper sense of self-awareness, insight, new understanding and inspiration. Even this one small retreat each day can renew us and bring back a sense of balance and fresh energy that we can bring to life.

And oddly enough, if we don’t create this right state of withdrawal we tend to create its negative symptom – the desire to avoid life. Without regular withdrawal from the business of our mind and world we lose contact with a deeper awareness. Without that, life is full of confusion, doubt, fear and frustrations. Life loses its glow. The strange paradox is that most people are so addicted to all the glam and drama of life’s activities that they don’t want to withdraw for fear of losing control or missing out on something. Actually it’s the opposite. The less we honour the time to withdraw; the more we lose control of our life. The more we honour the balance to withdraw the more awake, renewed and vital we become. We gain a state of mastery with our life. We connect more deeply with our unique purpose. We approach life with a deeper understanding and bring who we truly are to the world. Ultimately the practice of withdrawal is not really for the experience of being in the cave itself – but really for us to be renewed in a way that we can relate to the world through truth, love, harmony and our true power.

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