No other but Self

At the heart of all I share is this one constant truth – that there really IS only one Self – the one life – and that each of us is an aspect of this one.
However, according to most peoples experience, and at the most immediate
level, there is an apparent struggle to recognise the relevance of each

I have also stated that liberation and/or awakening is not about an isolated individual or for the individuals gain but rather for the well-being of the whole. Yet it seems that the average person is so caught up in the fixation and illusion of ‘other’ that the real opportunity to awaken is missed. Naturally, this is part of the ‘issue’ – that indeed there is a deeply rooted belief in separation. The general trends of society don’t help this matter yet seem to further entrench it.

However, despite this, the ‘issue’ really has nothing to do with society or ‘the other’ out there.

There seems to be an underlying assumption that by discussing, criticising and talking at length about all of the problems they can be solved. It is the custom to complain about the political system, the education system, religion, crime, the drug problems, the economic issues, the everything out there issues – everything that is ‘other’.

Yet the individual IS society.

YOU are society and society is you. You may believe you have good intentions in discussing what needs to change ‘out there’ yet the deeper truth is, that underneath all of that external focus, you are not at ease in your self. And talking about ‘other’ is a way to mask what is really needing attention. This concern for the world creates immense anxiety in the individual. And as the anxiety grows the focus grows… perhaps the person watches more news or reads more books or googles more – all in the effort to feel a sense of control. There is the false notion that if you can increase your awareness and knowledge of the other you might be able to handle the situation better. Your knowledge about others may have increased but what about your self? Are you truly understanding your self?

Yes, you have heard this before.. if we want a better world we must create a
better me.

So, whenever you notice your self putting attention on ‘other’ simply recognise it and ask your self – what am I wanting to address in myself? What is it in me that needs to be felt, heard, known or acted upon?

Stop and engage with your self. You can deepen the way you engage with your self by asking further questions.

What is the discomfort? What is my ‘problem’? What am I actually experiencing right here right now?

If you are honest with your self you may admit that you feel a disquiet – that
something deeper in you is disturbed. The ‘concern’ you may be showing for others might be a vice to appease your own inner turmoil, the lack of peace that you are really seeking.

True understanding of anything arises through aware observation. Self-
knowledge comes through self awareness and self-reflection. Being aware of your self means being in touch with your self, and to be in touch with your self you have to attend to your very own being with awareness. You must observe clearly what you are doing and why, what you are feeling and why, what you are thinking and why. In doing so you gain deep clarity about your self. In fact the more you attend with awareness to your own being the more you realise that indeed the world, society is IN you – for as you feel, think and act, it is you that influences and shapes the world. And, as you understand your self – so too do you understand the world. In understanding your self you may dispel the disquiet and re-discover the peace that arises the more you are connected to your very own being.

In Loving Oneness,

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