Isira – Aunty Jinta shares about the Sacred Living Retreat ~ 8 to 12 March 2023

This is an invitation and opportunity for us all to step into the space beyond fears, beyond the stories of the mind beyond our worries and usual habits, and to really nurture the deeper, sacred truth that is existing in all of our hearts. And when we come together, and we share that, in sacred retreat, we can bring that much more powerfully into our lives. 

And that’s the blessing we’re all looking for. We’re all seeking something deeper, more enriching, and more connected in ourself, and with the world around us. So by nurturing that inner space together, we bring that opportunity as a through line into our lives with every step that we take forward. 

I really look forward to seeing you there and welcome you with a great big open heart.
See you soon.

Isira – Aunty Jinta

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