Integrated Awakening is a Journey

Awakening is a Journey

Awakening is a journey of discovery. Finding connection within yourself and within the world allows you to grow with wonder, wisdom and love. 

Where we live is not just a body, a house, a planet. Where we live is a place of spirit, love, sharing and wonder. A unified field of life.

The Challenge Of Uncertainty

It is also a world that is today experiencing fear and uncertainty, as we watch our society, and the environment breaking down and transforming. 

Our Shared Power And Truth

Yet even in the face of adversity, there is a power and the truth that is ours, one we all belong to. One that is new, and powerful beyond measure. Allow your journey of awakening to reveal your power and truth.

Imagination Has Power

You are not your ego, your mind, your beliefs. Nor are you are not your job, the clothes you wear or the objects you possess. 

You are not your fears, your failures, your past
Be with your consciousness… and your imagination
You are the power to change, to create, and to grow

The Journey Of Awakening

You are a soul of infinite power, love and wisdom. 

And no matter the uncertainty you face, you will awaken again. 

The journey of awakening is to know yourself, to know life. To be centred and connected within yourself and within the world, living a life of brilliance. 

The answers are here.

Our Human Family Shares Our Journey Of Awakening 

It begins with you and spreads with us together. Awakening as a human family, fulfilling the vision we all share. A world of love, laughter and liberation. 

My invitation is for us to build a better world together, a blessing field, full of joy and wellbeing. Together we can make a difference. We can make our world a better place as we share our awakening journey.

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