Truth – Beyond the Quest of a Path

The quest for the true meaning of life is as old as humanity. Throughout the ages we have been driven by a deep yearning to know and understand what life is really about. We have asked: What is THE Truth? What is the True nature of life? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What does all this REALLY mean? What is my True path?

All of these questions are driven by the mind trying to explain or define something. The mind’s very motion is linear and assessment oriented. The reality is that Truth, as we experience it, is both ever-changing and constant, something which cannot be explained or defined! It is alive in the ever transient dance of life – never the same from one moment to the next, and in the constant presence – the source of life itself in which all things are drawn from and moving – that which is eternal and can never be named.

Yet because humanity is so conditioned to explain things we are constantly focusing on this attempt to define and to make reality/God/Truth known. We have become obsessed with this quest – looking for the ‘right’ answer or the ‘right’ path. We are so driven by the fear of ‘not knowing’ that ironically ‘our path to truth’ becomes a mechanism in itself to protect us or to solve the ‘not knowing.’ As long as we are attempting to follow the ‘right path’ to truth we are following a line in the map of the mind – referenced by the past and trying to live in the future. Truth, conceived of through references of past and future is the language of the mind –and the mind creates problems. All the problems that humanity is burdened with are the mind’s inventions. They are not reality itself.

In our mind’s quest to know the true meaning of life or define a path to Truth we are always looking from a certain standpoint and determining aspects. The tendency of the mind is to proclaim its aspect as the whole truth. Yet the moment this one aspect is claimed as the whole, the very connection with true life is lost. One’s life becomes a little dull bubble; it becomes encased in a fragile thin line that will burst under the slightest pressure. And once the bubble has burst our mind clings onto the next ‘new aspect’ which is just as fragile and just as disconnected from the whole of life. We are missing the dance of the whole. Consequently our life feels very poor and miserable because every aspect, at the most, can only ever be one-dimensional, whilst the true nature of life itself is multi-dimensional.

To experience the truth of life fully – the multi-dimensional, we must be utterly transparent and unattached to definition and explanations. We must be surrendered to the unknown, the unexplainable. It is only here that we can see the wonderful truth of all things in every moment. In this aliveness is a wonder that is met, that is touched, yet remains totally unexplainable AND is totally satisfying! We release our self from a life burdened with disappointments, because we have no mind expectations of what ‘should’ and ‘should not’ be.

Expectations arise from explanations. The moment we explain and say –‘this’ is the truth, ‘that’ is the path of truth, we are full of expectation – the expectation that this ‘truth’ will deliver us with all that is needed to solve every problem of life. And the moment multi-dimensional life/existence does not conform to our uni-dimensional mind’s expectations we are disappointed. We even fight to uphold our ‘true’ path which is the ‘right’ one against other peoples ‘false’ paths! We are tied to our own mind’s misery, our mentally created problems. Why do we need to impose our mind upon the wonder of existence? Why not allow life to have its dance, its song, without any explanations or expectations?

Existence/Truth is a tremendously beautiful mystery. Life itself IS Truth. And so too, Truth is a mystery. The mystery of it all IS its beauty, its joy, its wonder and delight. Mistakenly we have thought that because existence is a mystery we have needed to solve it or explain it. But really the mystery can only be lived and experienced. The moment we even begin to say “ah – this is what ‘it’ truly is”, we put a dull cloak around it and the beauty vanishes before our eyes. The moment one even starts to explain this existence one is no longer being the experience. One is half dead. What all of us are really seeking is to be fully alive – to be utterly present, at-one with the mystery – to experience it so deeply that we never miss a thing!

To experience the wonderful endless Truth of Life as it is, in its purity, we are to be fluid like the river. We are to be as light as a feather and as colourful as a rainbow. We are to be the joy of children laughing, the song of birds in the morning and the freedom of the clouds in the evening. And instead of needing explanations or solutions, or the ‘right path to Truth’ we require only one thing to see and know Truth as it is: an open heart of conscious presence, living in the now. As this open heart of conscious presence, living in the now, we live what we are seeking. We are fully alive – completely at-one with the mystery – experiencing so deeply that we feel the radiant truth of every moment. Then we are no longer on a path TO Truth, we are the living life that IS already Truth. This is the essence of what all the sages have been meaning…

I AM the way, the Truth and the life.

Infinite Love,


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