Awakening And Enlightenment, Is There a Difference?

awakening enlightenment

We often hear these two terms, awakening and enlightenment. Is there a distinction? And how does this help us in our spiritual journey?

Awakening Is A New Realisation

Awakening is the experience of shifting out of an unconscious state, the opening of our eyes, into a new realisation and awareness.

Enlightenment Is A State Of Being

Enlightenment is a deepening experience and an integration of awakened moments into a state of being embodied with conscious awareness.

Awakening and enlightenment can also point to different stages of our journey.

Awakening, The Beginning Of A Journey

Awakening is the beginning in a shift from an unaware state – where we’ve been caught, trapped in an unconscious identity, where we are somehow blind and unable to see the larger, and more spiritual perspective of life.

Awakening is an emergence, an epiphany, a realisation. It’s a feeling of “I can see more clearly now”.

The Synergy Of Awakening And Enlightenment

Awakening is not in itself enlightenment. Awakening leads the way on the journey of integration. It is on the path to the experience of being enlightened.

Enlightenment Is An Integration Of Awakening Moments

Enlightenment is the outcome of our ability to integrate all of those awakening moments. This is an incredibly in-depth process, it is a journey. It’s not something that just happens overnight with a single epiphany. It occurs as a result of deepening these realisations through direct, lived experience.

Integrated awakening is key to where we are as individuals, seeking to truly live spiritual and, as a collective world, needing immediate and direct changes.

Awakening Is Not Enough

You can’t just meditate and sit on your cushion. There is so much more than purely self-realisation. We need to integrate our inner realisations with the world around us, and engage in a collective awakening.

The Quest For Awakening and Enlightenment

A question to Isira:

Why is awakening in itself not enough? Why is the quest for enlightenment in itself not enough?

Isira Responds…

The reason awakening in itself is not enough is because ‘awakening’ is only a ’step’ in this process. Awakening is not a place you arrive at.

Enlightenment IS the whole integration. And enlightenment is also a process, rather than simply a destination.

Integrated Awakening To Live Spiritual

It’s not enough to just be spiritual, we need to live spiritual. It’s not enough to just awaken, we have to live in the world.

Integrated awakening is an active process to engage with, to experience through how we live spiritual.

Awakening and enlightenment go hand in hand in our journey to live spiritual.

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