At the heart of Change

Our world, humanity, society and our own individual lives are subject to constant change. And now, more than ever it seems, is a time of very great change. Large movements of populations, climatic and geophysical upheavals, global unrest and national conflict are great challenges to us all – individually and collectively. At times like this it can seem as if everything we are and everything we have is either being, or under threat of being, uprooted.


Such intensified change seems even more frightening and threatening than ever, because there’s a lot at stake. Well, at least according to our material and ego realm there is. We have learned very well how to immerse ourselves in our material world – rooting ourselves deeply in the ego and all things physical. As a human race we pride ourselves on our ability to make things more comfortable, to last longer, to make things more fixed, more ‘known’. And, in doing so, we bury ourselves ever more deeply under the foundations of ignorance as we fall more deeply into the unconscious realm. We lose sight of our true nature – and most significantly, the true nature of existence – which, at the material level, in one word is CHANGE.


Although this may be a commonly echoed truth it seems it is far from the accepted or realised state of most people. Just take a look at your own life:


How many times do you notice yourself resisting the slightest indication of something changing, that you are going to lose something, or the fear of someone leaving you?


How much emotional attachment do you have to your life circumstances? How would you feel if your whole life was threatened – or if suddenly everything as you knew it was taken from you? How much do you cling to your identity, to your job, your title, your home, your relationship, your world as you know it?


Evident in your every response is the measure of either awakefulness or unconsciousness. Either you are free of resistance and attachment because you are truly awake to the real nature of your self/life or you are constantly moving between shades of resistance every day, particularly during significant moments of change and upheaval.


The more we are awake to the true nature of life at the material level, the more deeply we accept and realise our true being. There is a distinct sequence through which we consciously embrace change.


First – we must have the ability to consciously SEE life as changing. The more we see this the more we realise the true nature of our self/life. The more we realise this the more we embody a true state of acceptance. The more we embody true acceptance the more we can celebrate change. We work with it, rather than against it.

Our fear or resistance towards change will determine our degree of disempowerment, disquiet, entrapment, sorrow, mistrust and resentment toward life.

Our ability to work with change will determine the degree of our power, peace, freedom, joy, trust and celebration of life.


Observing change

If we look more closely at the first requirement – the ability to consciously SEE life as changing – we can begin to understand the true heart of change. Unlike how change seems to the mind, there is actually something constant in change. To the mind it only seems as if we can never rest – as if everything is constantly shifting – we cannot hold onto anything longer than a single moment. However, if we settle into our conscious self and observe change, we discover that there is a profound stillness – a profound constant presence in the very centre of change. That presence is awareness – pure consciousness. It is our very Self. It is the eternal essence and foundation of all life. It is the heart of all creation.


If we are able to reconnect with our conscious self – this centre of beingness – we discover that actually – at the heart of all existence and change – is constant being. It is the unchanged. It is limitless power, stillness, silence. It is the only thing that is certain. And forever free.


Fear of change

Even logically then it makes sense that our fear of change is because we have lost connection with the heart of ourselves – with the heart of existence – that which IS forever here, forever constant.


By regaining a connection with the centre of our being we regain a solid foundation from which we can always experience life. We become the still point from which all else is observed. If we can establish ourselves more readily in conscious presence – if we can simply be centred – then naturally, conscious seeing follows. Naturally we see that the material world is forever changing – but WE are still here.


That which we truly are remains untouched, undisturbed, unaffected. And, it is always the source from which all new things arise. Therefore, it is impossible for us to fail or to cease to exist. We – that which is life – continues. The material form is only the vehicle through which we experience our constant self. Hence why it is temporary and forever reforming – at least at the level of experience. At the deepest level even the essence or vital source ingredients of form remain unchanged.


Working with change

Being centred does not need to be complicated. It is as simple as stopping regularly through your day and taking a few moments to connect with your breath, connecting with the moment as it is, feeling the energy of your self in the Now and letting your self come back to your centre.


Simply stop, be present and be aware.


Really observe the moment. Don’t analyse it. Just observe it, listen, watch, feel, experience. Be aware of the flow, the changing nature of everything in you and around you. And, be aware of the ‘you’ that is aware — notice this Self-awareness:


It is constant. It is calm. It is still. It is silent. It is present — always.


Notice how when you bring your self into consciousness with this awareness that you already feel centred and calmer. Notice also that there is a sense of freedom and beauty in the nature of what is happening.


This paradox of constant change that revolves around this ever-present stillness is something beautiful, powerful, deep, essential. Be awake to it and you will be equipped with all that you need to take the journey, which consists of constant, inevitable changing situations. You have all you could possibly need to flow with the river of change and to celebrate the changing terrain. This is already present within you now — because in your heart, in the very centre of your being is the eternal, conscious presence of life!


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