A Silent Power

A question I hear regularly from spiritual practitioners is: “Why is it so hard to get a constant connection with our true nature when we put in so much effort? I try so hard but get so few results… and the world seems to be getting worse in so many ways.”

The central word here is connection. But what are we connecting to? The connection we seek is with our true self. We yearn to be connected with our original nature – our essence beyond the ego and conditioned perceptions. It is the hope that, with this connection, we can finally be the change we want to see. Unfortunately (for the hurrying mind) it does not necessarily come quickly or easily. It is quite a process to integrate and establish a more connected state.

So how do we recognise and experience this connection?

All of life is experienced through different frequencies of energy. At the most common level, the world is very slow, dense and full of conflicts. The frequencies of the physical realm and identity, being ego and material based, are very low – and loud. Our world is saturated with these wavelengths. Some 7+ billion people are pulsing out the vibrations of the lower nature. The noise of the mind and human activity swamp the planet in a constant barrage of agitating, conditioned, fear-based sound waves. It is as if we are living in a giant radio field with billions of stations all blaring out and disturbing the field.

The true nature of our self – pure consciousness – is a light of pure radiance, subtle yet indestructible. Its frequency is so high and ethereal compared with our human world of heavy vibrations; it’s as if it belongs in another world. And yet it is the very essence of our world. All things arise from this. It is always here, ready for us to tune into. It only seems that we cannot connect to it because we have lost the silent spaces to tune in. Even spiritual seekers are still going about busily, noisily on some quest to achieve something. The mind is full of questions and objections… Meanwhile, God is singing out in the subtle realm… “Hang up the line… hang up the line.” God, that which is our true self or higher awareness, needs us to hang up the line of our busy noisy mind to be felt and heard. And even those who do dedicate more time to silence are still faced with the noise of the surrounding world. Very few sacred silent places remain. It makes it all the more challenging to sustain a deep connection.

Most people don’t realise the influence of the collective mind. The thoughts that compel us to buy a certain thing, to go to a certain place, to eat a certain treat are not even ours alone. This affects us all. Most of the thoughts and messages perpetuating our consumer society are subliminally driven. Everyone is picking up on the thoughts – the sound waves – pulsing out in the radio field. This is happening at a subconscious level – 24/7.

This is why every ‘master’ has emphasized commitment, discipline and right association. It takes commitment to the underlying silence – the source of stillness and consciousness within us. By monitoring the habits, places and social activity we associate with, we can achieve greater alignment, and have greater success with our commitment. This is why sages used to retreat to mountains or caves. However, we don’t have the same luxury in our modern lives. What we do have available is nature.

Nature is a natural haven for this connection – particularly the places that are truly wild, unfrequented, still and silent. Our inner realm is the next haven for this. The ability to access this and cultivate a deep and true connection requires very dedicated application. In support of this there are distinct shifts in energy through our diurnal cycle. It is why yogis and masters meditate at dawn, dusk and in the midnight hours. In addition, spiritual practitioners are drawn to a living master who embodies an enlightened presence because such an individual emanates this distinct field of higher energy. In this company it is far easier to feel, to re-calibrate and be adjusted to the subtle realm, to pure consciousness… just like tuning into the right radio frequency.

Above all, stillness and silence are of primary significance to a constant connection with our true nature. We must open our whole being to this silence. And we must recognise that continuing to ask why life is the way it is keeps us bound in the noise of the mind. It is in the quieting of our minds, the simplifying of our lives and the stillness of our inner being that our true nature can be encountered. In this presence the mystery reveals itself to us. It is in the revelation, of consciously seeing, that there is a profound shift of our own frequency. It is unmistakable. And, it is the only way we can finally resolve our sense of spiritual frustration, know the ‘answers’ and attain the living state we seek. But this is a quest that is no longer just about our own awakening – it is what our whole planet needs.

Our attachments to the world of noise and our fear of silence are the very fabric of a world gripped by false power. It is this false power that is consuming the world, destroying its life force. It is time for us to give up the love of power and come home to the power of love – the silent power. That power is all embracing; it is a deep intelligence that cannot be reached by the noise of the mind. It cannot be heard on all the worldly blaring radio stations because it has a frequency other than our worldly noise. It can only be reached in the station within, the surrender into silence.

Now is the time to genuinely and honestly humble ourselves, to simplify and silence ourselves. We must draw back into the silence if we are to effectively transform our own life, and positively impact each other’s lives and the world. In this silence we may begin to see the way to a life of harmony, love and peace.

The greatest masters have all spoken of this same quest. The greatest impact in our world has come from those teachers who have drawn from the silence and pointed all seekers towards the silence. It is up to each of us now to live this. So what if silence and slowing down is the golden opportunity we have been seeking? What if it’s simply stillness and silence we have desperately needed?

We know how individuals like Buddha or Christ affected the entire world and every moment that followed beyond their lives. What would happen if we united and consciously embraced that power in our own lives? What would happen if we collaborated, if we upheld each other and if we embrace the possibility of simplifying our existence? Give up a few nights of television. Give up a few outings to the shopping mall. Give up a few arguments and debates with our father, our mother, our sister, our brother, our lover and simply sit in silence. What would happen if instead we gave our energy to the silence?

Our world will fail the children of our future if we continue with all of this noise. We need to sit and be silent in our homes, on the buses, with our children, in our schools. We need to bring this silence into every dimension of our lives. If we don’t, we are heading down the same track, the same war, the same violation, the same game of false power. And that is heading only in one direction… overwhelm, crisis, collapse. This is no longer a luxury or just some spiritual ideal. It is absolutely essential to where we are on this planet now. There is only one place that we can truly draw forth the wisdom, the love, the energy and the awareness to respond from a place of harmony and creative power – and that is silence.

Now is a time for silent power.


One Love, One Life.



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