Rediscovering True Health

We live in a fast-paced world and we all know that this can have detrimental effects on our health and well-being. Stress and illness can result if we allow ourselves to be swept along with the frenzy of life. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Leisure is still one of the most vital factors for a life of healthy well-being. One of my favourite regular activities is to take a walk along the seafront. It’s a leisure that most of us enjoy, but many of us can’t seem to achieve. We either feel too unwell or we live a life of denying ourselves such wholesome activities, in spite of being aware of the simple values a small stroll and fresh air can bring us. One of the locals I pass along my way is astutely aware of these benefits, evidenced by his salutations to every passer-by… ’Your health is your wealth!’

Yes – our health IS our wealth. What can we do or enjoy without it? And why, when we understand this, do we ignore some of the most fundamental basics for health and well-being? Despite all the knowledge we may have about creating or supporting a healthy lifestyle, we still sabotage ourselves by compulsively driven opposing habits. So, what is it that drives this? Where does the shift from wholesome well-being begin?

Our spiral of ‘dis-ease’ all begins with our perceived disconnection from Spirit. We live in a perpetually disoriented state.

All our behaviours which deny the gift of vitality, joy and well-being stem from our disoriented state. In such disorientation, having taken on the belief and illusion of separation, the human lives in a perpetual state of fear and perception of lack. This state is further impacted by an increasing focus on our physicality as our identity and sole reality. Limited by our attention on the physical world we see no option but to look for solutions outside ourselves.

When our inner being is starved, we look to fill that sense of emptiness with more food, bigger flavours, more objects, bigger possessions. We struggle to make transient things permanent. We struggle against the stream of our true nature. In this state, there is no thing that can ever truly fill or fulfill us. In continuing to suffer the consequences of such futile efforts we begin to store deeper and deeper layers of resentment and disillusionment. We contract from life, creating an even larger barrier between our Self and the abundant world we are actually connected to. Gradually, over time the contractions we create in our mind, emotions and energy field manifest as restrictions in our cellular body. This produces a myriad of symptoms called ‘illness’.

In the time I have spent looking into the true nature of the human body and illness, I have discovered that there really is no true disease. only an opportune condition in which pathogens can multiply happily. Any sense of imbalance is simply a developed condition –a shift from the natural state and order of our natural being.

The most natural state of our being is ONENESS.

Even though Oneness always remains our true nature, we can and do radically reduce our capacity to utilise the limitless energy of our being when we live in a contracted or disconnected state.

So, simply put… all illness arises from contraction.

And all contraction arises from our disoriented relationship with our true Self. We may continue to search for answers outside our selves forever and never find true resolution.

The moment we begin to return to our inner-most being is the moment we begin to return to our whole self.

When we cultivate a relationship with our true self, the way to balance and well-being is revealed. By reconnecting with our inner being we can regain an open state and discover the ability to see, hear and understand how WE have adopted behaviours that do not support or reflect the true nature of our self. As we begin to see consciously for ourselves, we begin to experience our true Self again. We regain our seat of power. We regain the ability to respond to ourselves and life in ways that are naturally nurturing.

And it is, of course, a process. Having journeyed so far out of our centre it can take some time to truly regain a deeply connected relationship with our conscious Self. And even when we do, there is still the journey through many stages of regaining a balanced flow of consciousness and energy.

So where do we start?


We must be willing to give up our futile approach and accept a state of NOT KNOWING. We must let go and let into ourself simply as we are. We must let our self rest deeply into what is. And when we do, we must be willing to sit in a space of ‘non-outcome’ first and remain there for however long it takes to regain the centred connection we need for true insight and transformation.

Without surrender, even our efforts to enter stillness will be tied to the identity that is striving with the wrong approach. A part of the self will have its attention focused externally – deludedly hoping that the external circumstances will change –without first changing internally. As long as this tie is present it remains impossible to truly re-connect with our innermost being.

By stopping and being present to simply ‘what is’ we can gain access to our inner space – a space of stillness and silence. Only when we have a deep enough connection with this can our journey of re-awakening and transformation truly begin. Our connection with our most conscious self will be awakened. We also begin to establish an open and connected state of flow with the universe. The more we can cultivate this, the more we can unleash transformative and healing powers.

Creating moments of leisure in our life again are not just important opportunities to stay well and enjoy our life, they are opportunities also to create the essential space we need to stop and go within.

May your path always lead you to the silent space within… a space of true wealth and health.

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