Your habits will either wake you up or keep you asleep

Your habits will either wake you up or keep you asleep.

It’s not like you’re just a jack-in-the-box waiting for some mystical force to open the lid. You don’t just spring into consciousness – one minute asleep and the next you’re all enlightened. It’s an incremental journey. And that process builds momentum over many years of habits and events.

Eckhart Tolle didn’t just suddenly wake up – he fertilised his mind for many many years. Buddha didn’t just suddenly enter nirvana. He cultivated conscious habits. He did the inner work. And even those who enter the world with great consciousness didn’t just spontaneously arrive at that. Their soul had been on a wondrous journey through many lifetimes. There is no such thing as a shift from gear one to gear 12 in a split second. There are many gears in-between.

Sure, some transition fast, some slow. Some are a long slow build leading to an unstoppable force. And hello! There is your contrast. Imagining your enlightenment will be a magically ordained event that will somehow be endowed on you is the very thing that keeps you from from living deeply, consciously with each moment, with every choice, every little action, until the gravity of those choices become habit – that is the fertiliser for human awakening. That is how the human finally blooms.

Your awakening will not be by a sudden magical supernal event (although when it happens it WILL be magical!), but by the attention of YOU, the individual, the keeper of your gate. The seed of Buddha consciousness is within you. But you must enter it’s garden and tend to it. That seed won’t become a blooming flower over night. Through your choices and actions – your habits – it will be fertilised.

I outline the seven conscious habits in my book – Awakening YOU. When you know these, when you integrate these into your life, know that , slowly (or quickly), but surely, you are becoming a Buddha. Through your own conscious habits, you will bloom. The world is waiting for that wonder!


One Love, One Life.



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