Beyond fear and suffering

That our life is filled with challenges is natural: for life is a process of growth. All growth involves change. Along with change we experience a sense of tension as our being goes through a transition from one acquired state to another. This applies at every level; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And this involves what we call pain.

Actually, ‘pain’ is simply a current and state of energy that corresponds with this transition. Yet pain and suffering are not mutually inclusive or the same symptom. They are not occurring for the same reasons in life. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Although, if we do not understand pain and why it is occurring – such as the great pain we are feeling at the collapse of our environment and world economy – we enter a state of mind-crippling fear, which leads to a deeper state of suffering. Many people are feeling truly terrified by what is happening, but such a response is  profoundly limited and limiting. To continue reacting to world circumstances with the mind state of fear will only fuel our spiralling passage of self-demise. Rather, it is important to understand what these signals of fear and pain are about.

Fear is simply an unconscious reaction to a state of pain – whether the pain is situated mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Our fear is the undeniable evidence that we have been living an unconscious life and we have created a world of unconscious circumstances – a world of conflict. Fear is the first signal that we are becoming aware of the consequences of our unconscious actions – both individually and collectively. Fear reminds us that we have lost our centre of awareness – we feel as if our lives are out of control. Fear makes us really pay attention. Fear indicates that we are profoundly aware of a state of pain and imbalance. This awareness has been raised for a purpose – not because we are powerless in the face of such challenges, but because really we are much more than the unconscious mind that created them.

Most people misperceive fear, believing that it is the evidence that life is somehow a terrifying power that has control over us, that we are at its mercy, unable to do anything about our circumstances. Fear seems to make us feel as if we really are powerless. Because we react to this fear by shutting down to what it is really doing, we also shut down any  ability or possibility of consciously utilizing its energy. We don’t like what we are seeing, so we project our self out of the moment and into the past or future. In that state of mind we have no true power or response within the moment.

Have you heard the saying, ‘feel the fear and do it’? Fear is the energy that says we have limited the way we see and understand life. This attracts and creates undesirable circumstances and as a result we misperceive those creative powers and circumstances. In fact we are projecting our minds illusions onto the circumstances.

So fear is literally F false E evidence A appearing R real. It is a surface signal of our soul, tugging at our mind for us to wake up and be present to our pains with a deeper conscious awareness: to see what is really happening. Fear commands us to do something.  ’There is something you need to do, now open your eyes properly so you can really do it!’ It pushes us into the face of our pain. Here, we can do one of two things: either we react unconsciously again and slide back into the mind of fear that tells us we are powerless, or we choose to consciously look at the pain and its purpose.

Let’s not see pain as a fixed and undesirable state that is being done to us – let’s begin to see that it is simply an energy within our life process. Pain indicates a process of change within us.  We need to pay attention in order to evolve, adapt and bring our self into a state of harmony again. Even when pain is the direct result of an ‘accident’, it is because our physiological being is re-orchestrating itself (hence the energy that is felt and labelled as pain) to regain a state of congruence. And the accident most often occurs due to a lack of our conscious attention; we have not been centred enough in our self, paying attention to the moment and our inner signals. 

When we are not paying attention to our inner being, to its signals and innate knowing, we may continue to compromise our very self – going against our own authentic nature or needs. As a consequence a greater state of imbalance begins to manifest, bringing with it stronger and stronger signals of circumstance and pain (such as the growing global crisis we are facing). Very often these signals are also letting us know that we are holding onto something that does not serve us, such as belief systems, the actions those beliefs give rise to and the consequences that are born of those actions. So pain can represent either holding on (which indicates the need to let go) or a process of transformation (the need to let things be). Again, this could be at any level (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual), yet it will ultimately result in a physical symptom.

So the signal of pain is actually a tool of our conscious intelligent self raising an alarm, attempting to alert us to something we need to address consciously. Actually, the more we live our life consciously, the more subtle the pain signals become. They don’t ever disappear in entirety because they are part of our natural energetic makeup. Pain is inevitable – it is a functional energy that serves us in our process of evolution and growth.

Suffering, on the other hand, is a condition caused by a deeply set state of resistance or attachment. Of course, this is not to overlook  situations of crisis where many people are experiencing abject poverty, war and disease: this is indeed great suffering. Yet, if we look at this closely we will come to see that even these circumstances are largely due to the human ego condition. Most of these circumstances would not be occurring if humanity were beyond the greed of ego, which creates great inequity through attachment (self greed) and resistance (ignoring and rejecting the needs of others).

But resistance and attachment are not inherent in our nature or inevitable. Humanity has a choice – suffering is optional. At an individual level, one may be experiencing great pain, yet not be suffering. In fact one can even experience a sense of peace and freedom even while a condition of pain is  occurring. When I was in hospital with a life-threatening illness I had this very experience. I could feel the pain energy of the body going through a transition. Yet as I was in a deeply surrendered state I had no resistance to what was happening. Rather than reacting with fear, I chose to be consciously present. In this deep presence of oneness with the pain I entered a state of profound peace and encountered incredible insights about my condition. This led to a ‘resurrection’ of my whole being! Pain was an inevitable part of the transformative process.

By resisting ‘pain signals’ that our being is creating and messaging to us we create an even greater field of tension and blindness until our circumstance is overwhelming. It is at this point, when we go beyond a conscious ability to respond, that we spiral into deeper states of suffering and fear. We give up our ability and become the disempowered victim. We push it (and our self) into the unconscious realm. While our pain is buried in the unconscious realm, its transformative power remains locked up. No matter how far into pain, fear or suffering we have gone there still remains only one true response for us to regain a sense of balance: surrender into presence. And it is up to us to choose this. When we let go of our minds’ resistance we can yield with what is happening, We can begin to understand what it is telling us, and we can be carried through by its own power. We transcend suffering and transform pain. Similarly, a moment of great fear may catalyse a conscious change.

As we utilize this energy we can enter a lucid state of awareness. We let in to the pain that we initially reacted to with fear. The transformative power and consciousness that is in the ‘pain energy’ is unleashed, set free to do its work. The energy has the freedom to flow. Actually, we don’t need to do anything – IT already is the energy and intelligent life force that will carry us to a renewed state – we just need to let it happen – consciously. It shows us how we are to let be and how we are to respond.

We can gain a true understanding of the nature and purpose of pain and we can  understand that suffering IS optional. We are the ones who create our experience. When we take the seat of the one who is choosing we can surrender to a state of conscious presence –  we ‘let go and let be’. When we let be we can live with even greater conscious awareness in a state of self-mastery, by using the tools of pain and fear for our conscious evolution. When we pass through the gateway of fear we discover the power we really are. We become the master and embrace pain for the tool it is: Pain is aiding us in our journey of self-discovery and the process of manifesting harmony.

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