The Four Pillars of Natural Lore

Four Pillars of Natural Lore

The four pillars of natural lore are a navigating system, supporting you to bridge the gap between your spiritual aspirations and the world around you. 

The four pillars of lore show how we can build and restore a regenerative world, to live sustainably, consciously and in harmony. As you restore each of these connections. you are able to deeply and fully integrate your awakening.

The First Pillar Of Natural Lore: NATURE

The first of the pillars of lore is your connection to nature, place and country. This guides you to build your relationship with nature and your local environment to have a deep, conscious and sacred relationship with the natural world around you.

As you develop your connection with nature, you experience: 

  • Higher, more vital and refined energy
  • Deeper grounding, strength and peace
  • Inspirational awareness and guiding insight
  • A direct experience of oneness and communion with all

You will find yourself connecting more deeply with life, sparking a raised consciousness, for yourself, and for the world around you.

The Second Pillar Of Natural Lore: RELATIONSHIPS

The second pillar is kinship. True connection – kinship – will bring you deeper, more conscious and connected communion with your loved ones, your friends, community and all living beings.

Kinship enables you to share in engaging relationships, from a depth of presence, not from the superficial stories you may have collected from the past, but from living truly in the now. As you develop kinship you will experience

  • A deeper, more meaningful connection between yourself and others
  • Greater understanding, empathy and compassion
  • Expanded wisdom, guidance, meaning and purpose
  • A true sense of unity and communion

You will find yourself experiencing a richer life, and your enlightenment becomes a shared journey with all beings.

The Third Pillar Of Natural Lore: SELF

Next in the four pillars of natural lore is the essence – the unique soul and spirit of our self and all beings. By having a deep connection with your own soul – your innermost essence – you access the vast, infinite consciousness of the universe, and the fullness of wisdom, love and truth within you. 

Connection with your soul and spirit raises your consciousness and enables you to maintain a deep, and authentically engaging presence, with yourself, with your loved ones, and with every living thing. 

As you strengthen this connection you will experience

  • Deeper presence 
  • The ability to see what is, in your environment and around you, even in the face of distractions.
  • The clarity of your own authenticity, truth and love
  • The vitality and truth of spirit within yourself, others and all creation

As you rest more deeply in your soul you will find yourself guided and grounded with a ‘knowing’ that is always within you. You will find greater synergy between your inner realm and the world around you.

The Fourth Pillar Of Natural Lore: THE COSMOS

The Fourth Pillar outlines the universal laws of the cosmos. These laws provide guidance and insight into the patterns and relationships of interconnectedness and interdependence between all things. 

These universal laws guide us to understand the relationship between our own individual self and our greater environment. 

Connection to the cosmos points us to empowering knowledge. As you deepen your understanding of the cosmos you: 

  • Recognise the links between all things; between the big and small, cause and effect, past, present and future, and between the inner and outer realities
  • Understand the ‘bigger picture’ of your own life and what is happening in the world
  • Recognise a higher and infallible intelligence 
  • Find deep reverence and trust in the divine patterns behind all things

As you live in greater harmony with the cosmos you become more conscious and responsible, knowing you are part of a perfect working whole. 

Expand Your Relationship With The World Through The Four Pillars

As you develop your thoughts to integrate your awakening and align with the bigger relationship of the world, you will be creating a flow-on effect between yourself and existence. The four pillars of natural lore provide a guide map for your journey.

The more you integrate your awakening, the more you become a conscious agent of change, and in doing so create a world of greater peace, love and joy.

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