The Power to Reconnect with Nature

Reconnect with Nature

In The Four Pillars Isira advocates we reconnect to nature and focus on our natural environment first, as it is from this that our lives are created and sustained.
The first of the Four Pillars is your connection to nature, to place and country.

This pillar guides you to reconnect with nature – to experience directly that all life is interconnected and interdependent.

"It is so valuable to reconnect with nature, to place and country because nature inevitably reveals what is true, again and again. It holds great power. The power from which we are created and on which we depend. If we can reconcile with earth, we can reconcile with everything" ~ Isira

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Why Reconnect With Nature?

Nature always reveals what is true. There is a deeper reason and need for us to reconnect with nature. Because humanity has lost touch with the certainty of creation and is unable to see existence as it is. People are terrified of life in all its truth.

Reconnect With Nature – Reveal The Nature Of Existence

Sit out in nature, for half an hour, for a day, two days, three days, seven days, ten days… You will have a much more integrated awakening. When you really sit with nature, free of distractions and interruptions, you will begin to see the true nature of your existence again.

See that your existence is not accidental. Nor does it need to be a battle or something to run from. It is not something to judge, to attach to one moment, or to reject another.

Why? Because every part of nature can be seen, met and experienced in its own truth and perfection. If you can reconnect with nature, you can reconnect with your own true nature and experience a true connection with all of life.

Sit with nature and observe: it is rising and falling, coming and going, and there you still are, here. Everything is. Existence is always being, always here. You will see that you are a part of the whole, that you are interconnected and interdependent on every living thing.

Indigenous Connection To Nature

Connecting with indigenous people is a great gift.

It is so significant because they are keepers of wisdom, of our history as humans living in our most natural state, consciously participating and at one with nature. They hold the knowledge of sustainable living. They hold thousands of years of knowledge, all rooted in the natural world. Even if one can’t relate to indigenous cultures, there is much to learn.

What indigenous people know, represent and are able to show humanity is of great importance and relevance to every single person in the world today.

The challenge is because indigenous people have experienced dispossession from nature so recently.

This disconnection is so fresh, it is still raw. To be misplaced, to be uprooted from Earth, from one’s own womb is a great trauma.

These wounds are still present. And so too is the contrasting awareness and knowledge – that it is our connection with nature that enables us to live sustainably and in harmony, together on earth.

Through the eyes of our indigenous we can see, our reconnection with nature is a priority for our time.

Being At One With Nature Assures Wellbeing

We need to understand and comprehend the contrast between:

  • Being absolutely at one with nature; having one’s self rooted in the laws and forces of creation assures the wellbeing of all life.
  • And that being uprooted from that is devastating. It produces profound ignorance, conflict, fear, loss of knowledge and erosion of wellbeing, not just for humanity, but for earth.

Most people do not even realise that the primary conflict and grief we experience today is directly linked to our displacement and disconnection from nature. For most people, this severance was so far back in history that it is buried in the unconscious mind.

It lies so deeply in the past, that you don’t even realise you have grief in you, you have the wounds of disconnection in you. You have lost touch with the knowledge and certainty that came with living in accord with the laws of nature. Without this connection, you remain adrift.

Nature is Always Here, It Is Time to Connect With Nature

But nature is still here, ready to nurture and guide you.

Nature is waiting for you to come back home…

For you to reconnect, to realise and experience directly… You, at one with all life… always guided and supported, always being here, reconnected, now.

You are here. No matter where you are or what has happened, you can begin to reconnect with nature.

And as you do, you will begin to trust again. You will be deeply restored, guided and empowered. You will know your place, as an essential part of one whole living fabric. You will know that all life is serving all of life.

A Deep Connection With Nature

When you are deeply connected with nature, you have the direct experience of loving, living oneness. You integrate your awakening as your spirit is re-aligned with the ground of being. You realise that all you seek is truly here – within you and all around you.

You realise that your enlightenment, that heaven, is not ‘out there’. It is here, on Earth.

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