The Four Pillars for Integrated Awakening

The Four Pillars serve as a map showing us how to live spiritual and integrate our awakening.

The Four Pillars are the timeless foundations of all indigenous and traditional cultures across the world. And they are the foundations of an awakened society and an awakened world. They are not separate and siloed, but rather interconnected and holistic. 

Isira invites you to engage deeply with the timeless wisdom of the Four Pillars to guide you in your own integrated awakening.

The Four Pillars guide us in our Integrated Awakening

The Four Pillars are four primary areas of life, to serve as a guide for our Integrated Awakening. 


The Four Pillars are our connection to:

  • NATURE – the land and the world around us
  • RELATIONSHIPS – our kinship with every living thing
  • OUR SELF – our soul and spirit of every being
  • THE COSMOS – the universal laws and patterns of life 


These pillars are not to be seen as separate, or isolated. Rather they reflect the interconnected and interdependent relationship between ourselves and all life. When we embody and integrate these Four Pillars within ourselves, and with each other, we can truly live in a connected world of harmony.