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Isira’s teachings and wisdom inspire profound change in the world on many levels from people like you, to communities, organisations and governments. This is only possible through the generous contributions of people who appreciate Isira’s valuable guidance and service.

If you also value Isira’s service, and have benefited, we invite you to show your support through a recurring or one-time donation. 

In doing so, you too can help support the reawakening and regeneration of our world. 

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Isira’s work takes many forms, and extends beyond what you see in Isira’s teachings.

All is dedicated to the awakening of consciousness in humanity and the regeneration of the world around us …

  • Meeting and consulting with leaders and individuals within governments.
  • Advises NGOs, communities and other leading edge projects.
  • Talks at conferences and with special interest groups around the world.
  • Interviews with spiritual, and mainstream media.
  • Meditations, teachings and other practices to deepen understanding of oneself and life purpose.
  • Online talks and social commentary on topics of vital current interest.
  • Video, articles and other content offered to all for no charge.
  • Publications like Isira’s 2 books  Awakening You and Buddha on the Dance Floor


This amazing work is only possible through the generosity of Isira’s supporters. All monies received go directly to enable Isira to carry out this work and extend her guidance and support to as many people as possible.

Like any organisation, Living Awareness (Isira’s organisation) has essential expenses that must be covered. These include:

  • Isira’s travel and accommodation expenses to present at selected conferences and gatherings.
  • High quality IT facilities, equipment and software to underpin all videos and broadcasts.
  • Office and utilities expenses on all levels.
  • Staffing
  • The development and running of a centre in Sydney.


Join us and help build a more caring, compassionate and conscious world.

With deep gratitude
Isira and the Living Awareness Team

Special Note

If you would like to make a special contribution, or bequest, to support a particular project or area of Isira’s work,
please contact us to discuss.

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