Your Holistic Awakening

The challenges we face are calling us to integrate and awaken holistically.
It is no longer enough to just BE Spiritual, we must LIVE Spiritual and restore sacred living.

We need to expand beyond the self, and the transcendent experience, and live fully connected to all life. Taking conscious action for the next level of human evolution and planetary survival.

Isira invites you to discover how to Restore Sacred Living, Awakening Holistically and ReGenerate our World.

Integrated Awakening

In our journey of awakening, it is essential to allow ourselves to change, with love, energy and intention.

We can bring our integrated awakening into the world so our insights and actions translate directly through our lived experience. 

  • Integrated awakening is about recognising the missing pieces of our experience, so we can expand holistically 
  • We can create a full circle between ourselves, our inner experience, every relationship we have, and the world around us 
  • Integrated awakening is about us realising we are a part of the whole fabric of life
  • To truly integrate my awakening, I need to embrace these changes with awareness and love

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