Isira's Life Journey

Isira was born and raised on the Aboriginal land of Kaurna in Southern Australia. From the age of two, Isira began to display awakened consciousness. She consistently showed heightened psychic and healing abilities, and spontaneously practised yoga and meditation.

As a child she was abused and rejected as a misfit. She rebelled and left home as a young teenager to live on the streets, during which time she experienced being raped, beaten and almost murdered. 

In that moment Isira emanated love and compassion, which caused an awakening in her abuser, who was moved to stop the brutality – her life was saved. 

Throughout her teenage years, she was able to manifest this same dynamic compassion, and demonstrate the profound healing power of love.

At the age of 18, Isira vowed to dedicate her life to the awakening of humanity. Over the next ten years, she experienced several periods of prolonged meditation and seclusion on her journey to enlightened empowerment.

Over the following years she studied, worked with, and was recognised by masters around the world. She was initiated in Buddhism and was ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama; Tibetan yoga of consciousness; Indian yoga of body, mind and spirit; and the ancient earth rites of Aboriginal Australian, Native American, and African eldership.

Between the ages of 27 and 30, Isira experienced profound illuminations and transcendental states of awakened awareness. During this period she accepted the requests of seekers for her to formally provide regular teachings and programs. 

As a result of many years of intensive spiritual practice, Isira came to understand her life’s mission was to serve all beings with the Truth and Love she discovered through her own direct experiences.

Indigenous heritage

Isira is an Indigenous woman of Aboriginal, Welsh, Celtic, Germanic, and Spanish heritage. She is initiated with her bloodline as a Mirning Adnyamathanha woman with kin ties to Yankuntatjara Pitjantjatjara in central Australia. As a woman of Indigenous heritage, Isira is a recognised Wisdom Keeper and Ngankari, a woman of spiritual power.

Working with Elders, Indigenous communities, and public forums, she continues to bridge understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and bring forward ancient Indigenous and spiritual wisdom for a universal understanding. Her commitment is to help restore the value of Indigenous wisdom and its relevance to all people and the challenges we are facing today.

“Given the sensitivity around Indigenous identity and the ambiguity that is so often associated with it, I naturally understand that many people find this aspect about me doubtful or questionable. In many cases people simply choose not to believe it.

Whilst, for most of my family’s life, the history was something that remained only a suspicion, for me it was a very strong knowing. It wasn’t until my grandmother was close to death that she chose to reveal our secret heritage to my uncle, and he stayed quiet about it for many years. My cousin then decided to do some family research. We are now fortunate to have the historical, factual evidence that we do, indeed, have Aboriginal heritage. I have also been reconnected with many of our relations.

I choose to make reference to this for spiritual and humanitarian reasons. I have always felt a profound spiritual connection to my Aboriginality and my Ancestors. And I believe as humans we should be comfortable and proud of our roots. So, this is not about me saying “look at me, I am Aboriginal.” It is about me acknowledging and expressing my deepest gratitude and respect for my ancestry and the ties that make my life so connected with creation. 

It is also my understanding that our ability to restore Indigenous wisdom is critical to the times we are facing.

I make these statements with full acknowledgement equally of my family’s diverse heritage: Welsh, Spanish, Celtic, Germanic and Aboriginal. I believe it is of great value for us all to acknowledge our heritage and the unique beauty of all our historical threads. It naturally enriches us as humans and reminds us that we are all so much more than just this small part of life here and now. It can also help us understand how and where our sacred balance with life has either been sustained or lost.

Above all, I consider myself to be infinite spirit, a being of consciousness, with a body: that is also part of life’s wonderfully rich, infinite history. I am spirit having a wonderful human experience. I am an instrument of creation, simply playing my part in a much bigger dreaming.” Isira

The Himalayas

Throughout her early life, Isira connected with Tibetan masters in her dreams and visions. When she was a young adult, Tibetan Lamas, recognising her as an important incarnation, travelled to bring  her from Adelaide, South Australia, to the Himalayas to be ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

This was one of Isira’s most formative periods, when she undertook intensive yogic retreats and initiations. It was a time of yogic acceleration preparing her for her work to come. 

After three years of Tibetan yogic preparation, the Lamas told her she was not to stay in the East, and her purpose was to return to the West and assume a role as a teacher. Isira realised she was to offer teachings of conscious development, not from a particular lineage or religion, but from the essence underlying all religions – the consciousness of Love.

In Bali

In Bali, numerous Balinese high priests and healers recognise Isira as a highly evolved being – a powerful presence of love, compassion and wisdom.

The Balinese call her ‘Maha Dewi Isira,’ reflecting their belief that she is one of a rare number of people in the world known to be an enlightened incarnation.

Isira is a key spiritual support for Balinese tradition and spiritual culture.

Teacher and facilitator of conscious development

Isira is a spiritual master and powerful advocate for conscious change. She has dedicated her life to facilitating conscious awakening, and catalysing the inherent power in us all.

Speaking from direct experience and understanding, Isira helps us to experience our true, authentic selves, and develop a deep connection with the peace, love and freedom that reside within us all.

Over the past 30 years, Isira has delivered thousands of mindfulness and conscious development programs around the world. Isira shares her teachings through talks and meetings, satsangs, intensive programs and retreats, sacred pilgrimages and through her online experiential learning hub, The Awakening Place.


Isira is the author of several works, including Awakening You and the autobiography Buddha on the Dance Floor. She has also written countless articles and produced an extensive body of video and audio material.

A guide for our times

We are living in challenging times – populism is on the rise, we face an environmental crisis of epic proportions, and the unrelenting pace of change is causing stress levels, anxiety and depression to skyrocket. Isira’s purpose, as a world thought leader, is to guide humanity through these uncertain times. She offers penetrating wisdom and solutions to regenerate and restore the world.

Through her enlightening social commentary, she links humanity’s condition as the underlying cause of the chaos and ills of the world. She offers profound understanding and hope.  

An expert in human conscious development, Isira is here to help us navigate the path back to our true Self, and restore our connection with each other and all life.

Through her unique perspective of integrated awakening, Isira teaches it is not enough to simply BE spiritual, we must LIVE spiritual.

As well as supporting individuals to awaken, Isira is a respected leader, providing conscious counsel and guidance. She works with community leaders and governments around the world to reduce societal harm, restore cultural values and regenerate universal wellbeing.

Referred to by some as a ‘peace ambassador,’ Isira has presented at peace forums in Australia and internationally and has appeared in the media.

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