Isira is a truly transformative presence for humanity

Isira – Jinta

Spiritual Teacher, Wisdom Keeper, Indigenous Elder, Speaker, Cultural Educator and Consultant

Isira is an awakened spiritual teacher of Australian Indigenous heritage, who brings the idea of holistic awakening to people around the world.

Isira known in indigenous culture as Aunty Jinta Mirrin Ngingali is an elder of Mirning, Adhnyahmathana heritage with kin ties to Pitjantjajara and Yankunytjatjara country, and has mixed heritage of Scottish, Welsh and Spanish background. 

Isira is also ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and she integrates the wisdom teachings from Eastern spiritual traditions, her Australian indigenous heritage, and the profound transformative experiences of her own life.

As a wisdom keeper and spiritual leader, Isira’s innate knowledge and personal enlightenment brings rare clarity and unconditional love to the challenges we all face.

“I am Universal. I am not of one religion, one lineage, one race or one country. My lineage is consciousness. My religion is love. And the world is my sacred home.”  ~ Isira

Isira: a guide for our times

Isira has delivered programs and talks internationally for more than 30 years. She is a powerful advocate for conscious change and is highly engaged in the issues of our times.

With a provocative and powerful analysis of the issues we face, Isira supports people globally to integrate their spirituality and to navigate the divisive worlds of politics, climate change, mental health and beyond, in order to cultivate a more awakened and unified society.

Isira has written multiple publications and books and is regularly featured in documentary films, radio programs and as a wisdom keeper and speaker at global forums.

Isira: teacher, speaker and author

Isira is a teacher, speaker and author, offering all of us a way to respond, realign ourselves and embrace an integrated, more empowered life. 

Isira’s published works include Awakening YOU and her autobiography Buddha on the Dance Floor.

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