Restoring Sacred Living
Awaken Holistically
Be the ReGeneration

Ngaligumerra - We Are One

Ngaligumerra – We Are One is a film that is calling for Australia’s shared vision for greater harmony moving forward. It invites us to explore the Four Sacred Pillars of Australian Indigenous Wisdom.

By sitting in sacred connection with Aunty Jinta, and guided by Dadirri (deep listening) practices in Indigenous rituals, we experience our interconnectedness to all things and begin the journey of restoring sacred living.


The challenges we face are calling us
to integrate our awakening

It is no longer enough to just BE Spiritual, we must LIVE Spiritual.

We need to expand beyond the self, and the transcendent experience, and live fully connected to all life. 

How do we do this?

By turning to the timeless foundations of all indigenous and traditional cultures across the world. 
The foundations of an awakened society, and an awakened world.

Isira calls these foundations The Four Pillars of Life and they serve as a map showing us how to integrate our awakening.

The Four Pillars guide us in how to Live Spiritual, Integrate our Awakening and Regenerate our World.

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Awakening YOU

This profoundly transformative book provides you with the inspiration to integrate your awakening experience.

Isira shares that awakening does not need to be complicated; it is not restricted to a certain religion or way of life; and it is not a far off future destination. It is simple, available to all, and it can be experienced right Now.
This book points to a profound truth that is incredibly pertinent to our times: Your awakening is the catalyst for our collective awakening as a human family. When you awaken you, the whole world transforms with you.

“I’m really loving your book Awakening You. It’s a masterpiece, someone can wake up with this book! It's a progressive and unfolding masterclass for awakening." Bill Free - Pure Presence Productions

"Thank you Isira for your writing. I have found your books inspirational. Since reading them my path forward has become clearer, and my life has become meaningful. I now put more energy into helping others "lift the veil" on their lives." Namaste. Tim - Australia

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